Why Mat Zo's New Album is Pure Magic

Posted at March 28th, 2016 | by Shivani Goel | in

The London Producer, Matan Zohar is just in his mid twenties and has already reinvented himself thrice. He began his career as a trance artist and released his first EP in 2008 with the label Anjunabeats. Mat Zo was also making waves in the drum ‘n’ bass world releasing music on Hospital Records under the moniker MRSA. By the time he released his debut album ‘Damage Control‘ in 2013, Zo had morphed into a genre-less renegade in dance music. Now releasing his sophomore album in 2016, he’s a total wild card.

Zo says that the new album, Self Assemble, is about dystopianism. A story set in the future where technology makes everything immediate and yet other problems arise. “I wanted it to be like a score for a movie that doesn’t exist,” he says. “No matter how hard I tried making that score, it just turned into something very personal. In the end, it’s just a story about my life over the last three years.”

This album’s concept is well portrayed in the cover art, which shows someone trapped in a 3D printer. “I think the metaphor there is that in my own life, I’ve always tried to get out of this cage that I’ve put myself in,” he says.” “Trying to find a way out of this EDM bubble.”

Starting on a dark note “Order Out Of Chaos” is followed by a post-apocalyptic soundscape with medieval-inspired vocals. It ends with “Last Transmission” with ghostly piano chords that are ethereal and soulful. Self Assemble also has a few tracks to add ease and lightness like “Soul Food”, “Sinful”, and “Lights Out”. Mat Zo hasn’t slumped after his first album at all, Self Assemble seems like a refined extension of his ground breaking album Damage Control.  It’s vulnerable, intelligent, and expressive. Check it out below!

Shivani Goel

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