What's Next For Dance Music In India?

Posted at March 27th, 2015 | by Sarthak Vij | in Entertainment, Featured

Years have passed by since Dance Music gained a cult status and we have seen it evolve into various sub-genres. Starting from the Techno era in the late 90’s to the hard hitting dark side of trance in the early 2000s (which of course made way for the slow BPM melodic vocal trance), dance music has evolved into the big room, which is apparently ‘The Thing’ now. Seems pretty slick and predictable, doesn’t it?



But 2015 is moving into a completely different direction. With the rise of Deep, Future house (Thanks to Oliver Heldens) and Tropical House (Kygo of course), the picture of the Dance Music scene is heading towards a yet unexplored road. We tried to read the tea leaves by talking to some of the people who are a part and parcel of this industry.


In this context, Ishan Grover, the owner of A State of Music Delhi says, “The Electronic Dance Music Scene is currently popular in the age group of 15-25 years. Very few people above 30 follow this scene. When this age bracket reaches 25 years and above, the younger lot will also be enamored by the genre then there will be a huge population who would love this kind music.


We also had a little chat with Hermit Sethi from Submerge, and this is what he had to say:  Its an open industry and everyone wants to eat a pie of the big Electronic Boom in India. People who used to party now want to be party organisers. Sometimes this is good for a growing industry and sometimes not so good as people with only money and not much knowledge seem to spoil the market and on the other hand promoters with no knowledge seem to spoil the name of the country.

The underground artists that are coming to India are the real music producers, if you ask me. Sadly we still don’t have a lot people who are into this music so the shows are much smaller.  As far as the growth of the industry is concerned, its never going to die but will only rise further; the smaller players will leave and the more focused ones will remain.


Dev Bhatia from UnMute has a little something to impart to our readers as well. According to him, more people, including promoters have lately moved on to digging deeper into the underground. However, the dance music industry in the country has seen a huge boom in the past 5 years. EDM/mainstream dance music has been a key entry point for many fans. House, Techno and Live Electronica have picked up in a big way in the scene.


Well, can’t say we disagree with you, Dev. You give a very strong argument.


According to Progressive Brothers, who are already making it big in the scene, EDM is considered the new-age pop music in India. The audience they have now is much more sensible & knows their music very well. Tier-II cities apart from metro cities  are playing a strong role in building the scene here with smaller cities like Vadodara, Indore, Nagpur having tremendous dance music listeners followers.With more than 1.5 billion people, India has a stronghold in the international scene as far as dance music is concerned & it’s getting better & better everyday. The future looks blazing.


Progressive Brothers


So, all in all,  the Dance Music scene is on the boom and it’ll only grow even bigger from here. That’s what we say, that’s what the experts say, and most of all: That’s what YOU guys have made possible with your constant support and encouragement.


Keep the love flowing people!



Sarthak Vij


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