Vishal Dadlani Owned The Stage At Hard Rock Cafe For Nexa Music Lounge

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NEXA Music Lounge is a unique platform that creates music reversion of global records performed by Indian musicians who thrive on self-expression and authenticity. With the launch of NEXA Music Lounge in November last year, the Indian audience were introduced to one of a kind musical experience. It gave them an opportunity to attend live concerts across the country.

For the latest iteration of their live gig, NEXA Music Lounge hosted a rocking night at Hard Rock Cafe, Gurugram with none other than the music legend, Vishal Dadlani. For the music lovers, it was not just a musical treat to their senses but also an experience of a lifetime to attend a live performance by our beloved music veteran.

Unable to control our excitement, we reached the venue around 9 pm. Hard Rock Cafe was slowly and steadily filling up with people and one could feel the energy and excitement palpable in the air. The atmosphere turned electrifying as Hard Rock Cafe got ready to host one of its best nights ever courtesy NEXA Music Lounge.

At exactly 10 pm, the man of the moment found his way onto the stage, triggering a massive uproar from the audience. The show kicked off with Vishal performing live to highly energy-infused versions of ‘Tears for Fears’, ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’ and the likes. We witnessed this rocking performance by him and his Pentagram band members from the balcony on the first floor. NEXA Music Lounge lived up to its name as the crowd was left in a daze with a performance that included enticing jams and tracks by The Police, Hozier, and many more.

Vishal’s vocals kept us hooked and swaying to the music as we had a night of a lifetime. The captivating guitar chords, synth backing and heavy drum work added to the peaking levels of excitement. It was a pure musical journey that left the crowd entranced as they danced and swayed with great energy.

A night that flowed beautifully through high-octane jams and slower-paced rock productions, Vishal Dadlani performed to the popular international classic, “Wonderwall”. The music video that was released in the month of January on NEXA’s social media channels and was the third awe-inspiring music reversion from NEXA Music Lounge.

NEXA Music Lounge worked its magic on the beats and gave this track an amazing rendition with Vishal Dadlani’s breathtaking vocals. It turned out to be an impressive one and Dadlani was also joined by former ‘The Stage’ Season 2 contestant Sharvi Yadav for a special cameo performance. The audience was left awestruck when the man himself interacted with all in such a fine fashion.


A power-packed show that had no intention to slow down that night. The audience was also treated to the legendary skills of the celebrated guitarist, Warren Mendonsa, as he sent his fans into a tizzy every now and then with his mind-numbing guitar solos.

In the final act, Vishal Dadlani performed to the tracks by Bob Marley including ‘Redemption Song’ and ‘Get Up, Stand Up’. And as the night approached to a monumental close, Vishal and his extremely talented band took on two timeless classics by Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against The Machine, as they signed off on a rebellious note.

A sensational event that had its own intense moments, Vishal Dadlani proved once again that why he is one of India’s biggest and most successful musician in the modern era. With NEXA Music Lounge’s vision that aims to deliver similar unique experiences to the Indian audiences, we can’t wait to find out what’s lined up in the near future.

Shivani Goel

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