Trance Is More Than Just Music, It's Medicine For The Soul

Posted at July 7th, 2016 | by Deepanshu Kumar | in Nightlife

Trance as a genre is continuously developing and people around the world have accepted it with an open heart. They believe it is a musical journey which elevates them and gives them a sense about the spirit of life.

Many people around the world take it as their religion and listen to or chant songs like a actual prayer claiming that it gives a spiritual feeling and a natural high. Trance as a musical genre goes back to the 1980’s and is deeply rooted in Goa (India), but the actual mainstream and uplifting trance was developed in the 1990’s in Netherlands and with time it is broken into many sub-genre such as, classic trance, psych trance, ambient trance, anthem trance, orchestral uplifting trance, and euphoric trance.



The BPM (beats per minute) in this genre generally vary between 125 to 150, with repeated melodic phrases and other elements know as a build up, peak, and drop. Using such elements the artists are able to develop uplifting and embracing tunes, which connects to the audience in a very effective manner. This is why major artists such as Armin Van Burren, Aly & Fila, Paul Van Dyk, Cosmic Gate, and many others have this opinion that the trance genre has evolved from typical monotonous beats to a combination of various instrumental sounds, taking influence from other genres which keeps it fresh and appealing to the audience over a long period of time.

VISUALBASS_ALYFILA-009-1200x520There are also many record labels such as, A State Of Trance, Anjunabeats, Future Sound of Egypt, and Armada supporting the theory that trance is more than a music genre, it is a medicine that has the ability to heal people from within, cope up in hard times, and give them a sense of direction. The way the music connects to a person is really immaculate, giving the listener a chance to rediscover himself in number of ways.

Thus due to such abilities the genre is growing at a superior rate and being adopted by more and more people. Irrespective of their demographics and taste, people believe it’s more than music, it’s a feeling that unites them, teaches them to love again, and helps them to move on in life in a more prospective manner. Further the audience keeps on demanding such inspirational tracks which actually have the potential to affect their lives in a positive and blissful way.

Deepanshu Kumar


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