Top 10 Incredible Moments At LSR Tarang 2016

Posted at February 10th, 2016 | by Sidhantha Jain | in

The students and staff of Lady Shri Ram College unveiled yet another edition of Tarang, the annual cultural festival in association with VIBE NATION, delivering its attendees with three days of epic madness, lip-smacking food, array of creative events, second to none production and once in a lifetime experience! As always, the organizers raised the bar to an all new horizon looking to outdo the prior fests, boasting a line-up of home brewed as well as international artists, reinstating the fact that LSR is undoubtedly the frontrunner in Delhi University not only in the field of education but also celebrating various art forms and having F-U-N!

Now, I can go on and on describing how amazing 5th, 6th and 7th of February were for anybody who visited the campus but then keeping in mind, I’m paid on a “per word” basis, my bosses would have to file for bankruptcy! So let’s cut to the chase and recap some of the best moments of this fantastic 3 day carnival captured forever on our digital screens plus a little back-story from your friendly Grapevine Online members who were lucky enough to be there (courtesy: VIBE NATION).

What according to you was the finest happening during Tarang 2016? Comment below with your story and spread the love.

Photography Credits: Avneesh Singh Matharoo

The Local Train’s Energetic Performance On Day 1

Delhi’s own, The Local Train kicked off the weekend party in style recreating their hit tracks live, mesmerizing the crowd with their signature sound. Sing-along to the track “Aaoge Tum Kabhi” which features in the movie “Angry Indian Goddesses” was definitely the highlight of the show!


DJ Sameer Opens Day 2 With An Eargasmic Set

Sameer was first up on the star studded squad for the “EDM Night,” leaving the gathering enthralled with his superb turntable skills and an amazing live set as a warm up!


Aerreo Unleashing Some Sick Unreleased Tunes

Nikhil Mehta aka Aerreo immediately took charge to intensify the groove created by Sameer’s nifty set and wasted no time in bringing the house down! He continuously switched to & fro between Electro and Progressive House keeping his audience on their toes and in the mix, played some astonishing never-before-heard stuff incepted in his studio! Also, in the process of interacting with the crowd, a few got lucky and received his official T-Shirts which he’s seen adorning while on stage!


Darth Legion Pays An Unexpected Visit

In the past few years, Darth Legion have become a mainstay in the Indian dance music scene, thanks to their experimental and vibrant taste. During his set, Aerreo called out for the duo and shared the stage, upgrading the party to level II, putting forth a few of their most uplifting hooks and chilled out beats!


Jochen Miller’s Mighty Set

By the time it was Jochen’s turn to spin, the crowd was absolutely turnt up! The Dutch veteran chose to remain true to the spirit of progressive house and trance, weaving tracks in and out of each other as though the entire set was a one hour-long track! Lasers illuminated in vivid shades of red, yellow, blue, green and combined with smoke it gave us the illusion of an on-stage Holi celebration!


The Stay Connected radio host also clicked a picture of the PLUR army which he uploaded on his Instagram account soon after.


He brought the show to an end giving his raver fans a little starstruck moment and distributing Jochen Miller memorabilia!

Kerano’s Surprise Appearance

In addition to unbelievable mashups and celestial beats, Miller introduced us with a star in the making from New Delhi, house music maestro Kerano! Together they surged the “high” as both of ‘em could be seen enjoying the good vibes!


When Koco Decided To Be…. Just Koco!

Day 3 was solely reserved for best of the best and what’s better than hiring Agnee for a soulful performance!? The band’s visuals on the LED screen were enough to pump up their admirers and as soon as the members made it to the stage, everybody simply went nuts!


One of the most impressive points in time was when the lead guitarist, Koco came into the limelight and showed off his skills in the form of a phenomenal solo. It lasted for about three-minutes and I mean it when I say; people literally had their mouths open wide the whole time in awe of his sheer talent!


Among Jamir’s Unparalleled Solo

The band was halfway through, when the shy Among Jamir reached forward and did what he does like none other, he just slayed it with his bass guitar as if it was an extension of his body! The solo involved diverse techniques but his hands and calm posture made it look as if it’s all a cake walk! Although he had stunned us for long enough to make us realize it wasn’t a dream, we wish we could just replay the whole episode once again.


A Mini Singing Lesson

When it was time for the Pune based rock band to bid farewell to their fans, Kannan Mohan decided to teach them the lyrics of “Dukki Tikki” and asked the crowd to sing back. As expected, every single human soul contributed to the melody even though they couldn’t get hold of what the Punjabi vocals actually were in the first place! Once it was all clear, it felt it was just one voice singing:
“Dukki tikki chakde aange
Daude gota rakhde aange”


The Aahatein Moment

There’s no way to describe these few minutes, you had to be there to feel it!

Bonus: Agnee’s Sound Check

If you’re a musician and you play a live instrument, you realize the value of a top-notch sound setup. The only reason I’m mentioning this is because we often forget all the efforts and contributions made by the backend crew that go into making an event successful. Their admirable synchronization and down to earth approach made it all possible. Kudos guys.

Sidhantha Jain

I love EDM, it loves me back. It pays for my food bills.


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