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We’ve all been there: that midday lull when all the lines on the page or spreadsheet start to blur. In desperation, many office workers choose to draw out of the monotonous work ambience by plugging in their headphones and listening to their favourite music. Music in the workplace equals happy time. So whether it’s a rainy weekend day or a raucous office party, ambient techno or stone-cold classic rock, music is necessary. We’ve put together a playlist to make you feel like a superhuman on a tiring work day!


1.Bitch better have my money- Rihanna


Gone are days when humans used to start their day with God’s name. With so much stress, less sleep and grumpy mood only the idea of money can wake us on time, because sabse bada rupaiya.


Set it as your alarm.


2. Don’t worry be happy- Bob marley



Stuck in traffic to reach on time for the best job ever? Don’t worry be happy we’ve got you covered with the sweetest melody ever. The trouble is only going to be double when you worry so just wipe it off your forehead and sing it note to note.

3. Shake it off- Taylor swift


Your colleagues are world’s best jerks in the world and you’ve to keep with up them. Tay Tay understands you because haters gonna hate and fakers gonna fake, you just shake it off.So, keep cruising and don’t stop moving.


4. Gangnam style- Psy



You ever feel like everything is going over your head and you don’t belong here. What if Psy thought the same way, we wouldn’t have got this song then. Nobody gets a single word but over 2 billion people saw it on YouTube.
Just go Gangnam style (whatever that means)


4. Whistle while you work it- Katy Tiz



Targets, bossy boss, ass kissers and difficult subordinates don’t lose your cool is the No.1 rule. Just throw a smile while you hurting and whistle while you working.


5. Bad day- Daniel Powter



You got extra 20 mins traffic today for which you had a nice talk with your boss. You got files sent over to your desk just when you were about to leave and most disturbing thing, your coffee was too sweet. Just breathe cause you had a bad day and you’re taking one down, just hear the song and turn it around.


6. Stronger- Kanye west

How long you’ve been doing this job?….Quite long and you’re still where you were a year back. Don’t be you today, level up, go MLG pro or in the words of Kanye “Work it Make it Do it Mix it harder better faster stronger”. Just do it because you deserve more than just a 6 x 6 cubicle.

7. What doesn’t kill you- Kelly Clarkson

Not a big rap fan the last song didn’t work for you, maybe this will just remember what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. Make your grass greener than the other side.


8. Four Five seconds- Rihanna ft. Kanye west and Paul McCartney



Yes there’s another Rihanna song because RiRi understands us and because we love her. I know it’s only Wednesday and we have three more days till Friday just hang in there. With Paul, Rihana and Kanye you could conquer anything.


9. What goes around- Justin Timberlake


I know it was just Saturday night and now you’re getting ready for work again. What goes around comes back around and so will the weekend.


So, wipe off your hungover face, shave your weekend beard and get ready because you’ve a presentation and you’re already late. But don’t you worry child see we’ve got a playlist for you

Prakhar Narang


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