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The Electronic Dance Music industry has surely enough seen a massive boom in the past decade. The time has come where partying has become a way of life and nightclubs and several music festivals around the world offer the perfect way to unwind and let go. Music has influenced several generations in the past and plays a massive role in the lives of millions even to this day. From influencing fashion trends to creating a cult fan following leading to packed venues and millions of song downloads, the people behind the music, are regarded with utmost respect. So let us review these inspirational individuals of our generation, those cultural icons who are regarded as the Party Gods and let us see what sets them apart.

Richie Hawtin

Regarded as the founder of minimalist techno and forever synonymous with Detroit Techno , Richard Michael Hawtin also known by his stage name, Richie Hawtin is undoubtedly a legend of sorts. Born on June 4, 1970, the Canadian DJ , Producer and label manager initiated the techno revolution when he was just 19 years old with the release of his debut track under the name FUSE. He constantly looked towards adding new elements into his music with some of the perfect blends of noisy techno and minimal acid beats and released tracks under yet another popular alias , Plastikman. Hawtin also more often than usual delved deep into the technological front of electronic music by constantly working on soft-wares and tools to improve the whole DJing experience.

Famous Quote:  “When I started making music, there was no rule book; we had to make it up. That’s how I still work”.

Sven Väth

The legend Sven Väth began his illustrious much before most of the present DJs were even born. Back in 1982 when the underground music scene was just about making a name for itself, Sven Väth, was known to have brought the spotlight on this genre of music and began cultivating it in some of the top clubs at Germany as well as dance music hub Ibiza. His following steadily began to rise with the release of his track Electrica Salsa (under the alias OFF) in 1986 . He then went on to open Germany’s first techno club , Omen two years following the release of his album and also started his own company Cocoon, which worked as a booking agency, record label, and for event organization too. This veteran DJ still stands to this day as one of the most sought after artists in the industry for his innate ability to constantly discover new sounds and after working with young and new talent , meticulously imbibe the music elements to his tracks. Hence it is not surprising to know that this artist who stands as an inspiration for several others like Tiësto has over a million followers on his social media handles and is worth a whopping $14 million.

Famous Quote: “Stay true to yourself. And don’t forget to party!”


One DJ and producer who seems to have stolen the spotlight in the past year or so is a vivacious artist from Los Angeles , California , Thomas Wesley Pentz or as we better know him Diplo . The American is an exceptionally talented individual who apart from his usual job of music production , is involved with song writing , manages the record company Mad Decent that he himself founded and is a prominent member of the ever famous music project Major Lazer. After a major breakthrough in 2008 following the release of the track Paper Planes with rapper M.I.A , Diplo shot to fame and was soon working with notable pop starts like Britney Spears, Madonna, Shakira, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Usher, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown and many more. He is known as the Explorer as he do sent just follow trends , he creates them and he does this by traveling around the world so as to learn new music styles so as to add a new perspective to his music.

Famous Quote: “One of the reasons I’m successful is that I can see things before other people do”


Born in 1988 in the United States of America , Sonny John Moore had music in his blood from a very early stage. He kicked off his music career as a lead singer with post-hardcore band From First to Last where he recorded two studio albums. Post 2007 he went solo and performed with many other bands before completely turning the tables by moving into electronic dance music . Now, performing under the name Skrillex, the exceptionally talented music producer , DJ , singer and song writer was in no time one of the most sought after in the industry . He single handedly helped bridge the gap between rock and dance music which was no easy task and required someone of his caliber alone to do so. He currently holds the record for the most Grammy Awards won by an electronic dance music artist with a total of eight to his name. Hence there is know doubt why he is regarded as The Boy Wonder.

Famous Quote: “If I can win Grammys, then that means all of you yet-to-be-seen bedroom geniuses will one day take over the world”

Steve Aoki

He might be nearing his 40s but the American electro house musician’s sets are just brimming with energy from start to finish. Steven Hiroyuki or Steve Aoki , which is the stage name that he goes by, has an illustrious career to his name and the man known for his infamous cake throwing is actually a way better individual and has a side that most people don’t know about. Besides the more usual music production and DJ ing which has seen him collaborate with several music stars over his career and has earned him several awards too , Aoki is a DJ entrepreneur of sorts with four restaurants to his name, his very own clothing chain, a DJ music management agency  , roles in films and on TV and headphone branding franchise , no one can disagree with the fact. Interestingly enough , it does not end there , he is the founder of a cause that raises money for global humanitarian relief organizations , the Steve Aoki Charitable Fund.

Famous Quote: “I still feel like a young punk with $200 in the bank”


Joel Thomas Zimmerman or as we better know him , Deadmau5 who is known for his trademark mouse head gear is easily one of the most experienced and well versed musicians in the electronic dance music industry . But having said that , the Toronto based DJ and producer is notorious for constantly making the headlines for his blunt remarks and comments on fellow musicians . Zimmerman who is very knowledgeable from the music front believes in being upfront and saying what ever comes to his mind and instances such as the time when he told Skrillex through Twitter that his new music was sh-t and even went on to accuse Madonna of promoting drug use, did not go too well with their respective fans. However , this nature of his has earned the peoples respect at times for they really appreciate the fact that he is upfront and stands by what he says.

Famous Quote: “Get out there and immerse yourself in the world you created”

Calvin Harris

Adam Richard Wiles or Calvin Harris , as we better know him is a DJ, singer, songwriter, record producer, recording artist and remixer from Scotland. The award winning artist has indeed had a spectacular career so far and how can one not be happy when you earn around $400,000 per performance . Now standing as one of the most Highest paid DJ in the world , Calvin Harris isn’t quite surprisingly called the Businessman if the industry.

Famous Quote: “I know how to treat my voice to make it sound as good as it possibly can – which is still not that good”

Karan Acharya

Exceptionally passionate about music especially Electronic Dance Music. Freelance Disc-Jockey. Actively involved in Sports and Dramatics as well


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