The Grapevine Verdict On Bacardi Nh7 Weekender Shillong

Posted at October 28th, 2016 | by Shivani Goel | in

Nh7 Weekender is hands down one of my favourite music festivals in India and having attended only Delhi editions before, this was my first Weekender in a different city. The happiest music festival cut back on it’s full time editions this year, due to which us Delhiites had to luckily/unluckily foray out to other cities to attend. I covered the two day event in Shillong with my team and it was overall pretty darn great. I’ll give you a low down of all the aspects of the festival, an honest review which you can use should you chose to attend the festival in Shillong next year.


Travel, Stay, Venue:

The venue and surrounding were expectedly gorgeous. With beautiful scenery along the way, and a brilliantly set up venue with cute instillations and quirky decorations, there are no complaints here. The travelling and stay in Shillong however is another story. In all probability you will have to fly to Guwahati instead of Shillong due to exorbitant ticket prices and while the venue is just super close to the Shillong airport, it’s more around 4 hours away from Guwahati airport. The other major issue is that staying near the festival is really difficult as the few properties that are available are booked really fast. Even properties in main Shillong (an hour away from festival grounds) are snapped up really quickly so make sure you book your accommodation in advance. Maximum attendees end up taking rooms approximately an hour away from the festival but with increased traffic it can take 2-3 hours. So cab prices can be a pain as you have no choice but to comply but if you carpool you can probably stick to your budget.


Crowd & Security:

The security was top notch and there was actually zero tolerance by the guards for misbehaving. Some artists actually stopped their performances mid way when they saw someone misbehaving with a girl. The same can’t be said for the crowd though. I feel Delhi gets a bad rap when it comes to crowd. Yes, it has it’s own share of hooligans but I personally feel that I’ve never dealt with a crowd as bad as at the Shillong stages. Having been to my fair share of concerts and events, I know how to handle a sticky situation but the number of topless, seemingly coked out local, and shameless grabby perverts was too difficult to handle. Maybe my group was particularly unlucky when it came to dealing with such “men” but I’ll be giving a major thumbs down to the crowd. When you’re in the middle of a 40 layer deep crowd, there’s nothing that security can do.


Box Office Organisation:

Box Office and entry was superbly organized, with different entry levels for checking. The ticket prices were pleasantly low as it feels more than justified to drop around INR 2,000 for such a stellar lineup. In fact, it could have been just a little higher considering the level of crowd that stampeded Day 2.

Artist Lineup & Production:

A seriously brilliant lineup with a super brave choice being Steven Wilson. It’s hard to judge whether this reclusive, iconic act can draw a crowd but the festival seemed divided between Nucleya and Wilson at the end of Day 2. Other acts like Papon, Farhan Akhtar, Su Real, Dhruv Viswanath, Madboy/Mink, were all great choices for this Weekender. The stage setup and sound production was also excellent. With 5 stages spread across a not-humungous venue, you could still never hear the noise of one stage when you’re attending another performance.

Shopping, Food & Beverages:

Weekender is known for it’s array of quirky shopping and wide sampling of food. A lot of local cuisine was seen which was great fun to try. Strategic bars were placed around the venue with an obvious promotion of Bacardi rum. The buckets and mugs are always fun to get drunk out of and this aspect of Nh7 really contributes to the ‘happiness’ factor!

Overall, as always, a fantastic edition of Weekender. The crowd and stay arrangements can be better yes, but I guess that can only evolve over time. Fantastic venue, lineup, setup, organization, and definitely definitely worth attending!

Shivani Goel

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