The Chainsmokers' Journey From #Selfie Days To Their "Closer" Performance At The VMAs

Posted at August 31st, 2016 | by Yash Vikram Singh | in

The Chainsmokers have skyglided past the mediocrity cloud faster than the futuristic jet in X-men in the last couple years. Back in 2013, we really don’t think even the most enlightened dance music fans would’ve been able to tell who they were. Fast forward to 2016, their tracks are soaring through the charts and they’re performing at the freaking VMAs!

Their high rise started at different focal points, it really depends on who you ask. Some think the breakthrough came after they released their novelty single ‘#Selfie’ others beg to differ that ‘#Selfie lead to a nosedive right into the selling your soul cloud.

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart seemed to have caught dance music enthusiast’s eye back in 2014 when they released a bunch of remixes of pop hits on their SoundCloud handle. Some of them were absolute peaches.


In a way, you could say they’ve worked with Priyanka Chopra back in 2014. This is in fact the first track they ever uploaded.


After building up the hype, everything was set and they released ‘#Selfie‘. For the first few months, everyone ate it up and were amenable to it. After all, the word ‘Selfie’ fell upon everyone’s ears not very long ago.


But after the track being overplayed at several festivals around the world, it quickly became too mainstream to handle and frankly, annoying. The ‘#selfie’ sailed for quite some time thanks to this remix by Botnek.


Then came the ‘American Idol incident’ which was sent them straight to social media turmoil. The Duo were asked to perform their track live on American Idol but since they’re DJs there’s really not much to do except to push a button while playing a single. Except you decided to go in a different direction. Or you’re Skrillex. ‘They were frolocking around the stage taking selfies and it was just stupid’. Pretty much every tweet relating to American Idol that day was along the lines of this one. Others just called them a sellout.

The Chainsmokers then made a comeback with ‘Kanye’. The song was less generic and included a great deal of acumen. It was more along the lines of their trademark sound.


The American duo then built on this vibe and came out with this gem that simply took them to the next level.


2015 went by pretty quickly for them but that was just a teaser of what’s to come. They capitalized on their ongoing success path with a full album, which was not too diverse yet abstract enough to get one to listen. It was occluded with their signature ‘progressive house sound’. ‘Bouqet’ was a mellow yet dulcet EP, which also ended up doing pretty well on the music charts. By this time, it was all going too well for the duo. They were scorching hot in the dance music world and selling out arenas.

In February 2016, they decided to take an enormous bank shot to open the year in style with ‘Don’t Let Me Down’. As euphonious as the track was, the remixes were even better.


They kept this good run going and piled on to the momentum by releasing more fire singles, following their astonishing display at Ultra Music Festival‘s Worldwide stage. They also popped up for Tiesto‘s set.


Now, here we are. Chainsmokers have reached the top of the gustapo, churning out hits after hits, making appearances at award shows and being able to play at any stage in the world. The Chainsmokers have had a hell of a ride, but it’s safe to say it all paid off very handsomely.


Yash Vikram Singh


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