Take it Easy: Talk to your family about a career in Music

Posted at January 8th, 2016 | by Nikita Arora | in

Dance and Music have been two areas being not so favored by family scenes as a great interest area for children. Though, 20th century saw some incredible talent uprising both in music and dance but still an average close knit family, does not show likeable interest in allowing children to pursue dance or music as their ideal career options. A bigger crux reason behind this pre-conceived notion among the parents being music and dance careers’ past records for not allowing good earning opportunities making it hard for a well settled life in this era. Though music and dance are regarded as creative development areas, yet they slack on full-time career choice options, as has been observed among family set-ups. If you are one of those who want to do the act of break the shell and can’t talk about the same to your family, here are few ways to turn the cards in your favor.

1. Adult Alert: Grandparents

The first roots of your family, the oldest generation and probably the hardest to explain that you love music and dance as much as you adore them for being by your side.  Great deal of persuasion goes into convincing your grandparents that you have the skills to outperform others and this is where you belong. As they say start from the roots of a plant, so water them wisely and see where it leads you too.

2. The Second roots: Aunts and Uncles

Spread the wings along and you will reach at the ends that are most influential and are attached to your family through second link and play a crucial role by putting up all sorts of questions. Trust the fact that if you get over this hurdle, you can easily win your way with your family members. A close conversation and a positive view point will help.

3. Your Source code: Mom and Dad

Family should always come first because when your best ones understand you, you move ahead sorted and contented feeling confident about your own skills. Use every possible force and turn the heads to you.  Showcasing your talent to your parents at the best stage possible is what will work in a positive limelight, the appreciation in other’s eyes for your talent reaches your parents in seconds, go!

4. Young lads: Cousins

The easy target group is cousins, they could be your age or a year or so elder to you. Get them in your favor by keeping your words and talent. A good understanding level due to age factor brings in easy acceptability and support.

Go straight into your choice of direction and shine on!


Nikita Arora


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