Sunburn joins the league of Camping Festivals

Posted at December 11th, 2015 | by Sarangh | in

The only thing Sunburn Goa was missing was its own camping sites. Well, now that hole has been filled. Sunburn teams up with Stayzilla and introduces for the first ever time its own camping sites which will be setup and open to every Sunburn Goa visitor over the entire stretch of the festival. India’s premiere electronic dance music festival witnesses thousands of people every year, coming down to Goa from various parts of the country and also several people from a vast number of nationalities, coming together to one place with only one aim, to rave. This only gets better when they get to camp at the venue itself along with enjoying the music. Every person who’s been to a music festival would know the absolute pleasure in camping at the venue.

Stayzilla, one of the top notch providers of camping sites and stay solutions in the country, have come up with the solution to the ultimate music festival experience. Campout, the flamboyant and vibrant town is perfectly built for those ravers who return from an exhilarating day at Sunburn Goa and who look for those moments of recreation, a time they can replenish themselves and gear themselves to rave the next day.


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Campout is not just about the tents where you can get a good night’s sleep, but it’s also about the exclusive bar it houses, the 24×7 marketplace where you can find all that you need over the duration of your stay, a travel desk as well and also several other activities will be conducted including Yoga and Aerobics, Beer Pong, Jam Sessions, Multiple Workshops, Human Bowling and many others. Apart from all this, for those campers who just aren’t satisfied with the uplifting experience at Sunburn Goa, get free access to select after parties too. All of this is simply luring and one can easily guess that Campout is just the tool that is going to act as a catalyst in elevating your Sunburn Goa experience.


Also, to gather more information on the tent rates and much more, log onto their official page here. You can even look into the brochure if you would like to know in detail about Campout.

With all said and done, Sunburn Goa is closer than ever and with better news as this coming your way, we can only tell you that Sunburn is pushing the gears and is all ready to take it to the highest level this year.



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