Why People Need To Stop Judging Each Other's Taste In Music

Posted at July 24th, 2015 | by Kamakshi Bhat | in Entertainment, Featured

That new indie band is so good, you heard about them?” “Umm wow you like Katy Perry?” “Beatles were the kings; your decade’s music is trash!


Oh yes, the Music Police is here and they demand their money back on the trash music that you people spend on precious money on..But you actually are not. We need to able to listen to the kind of music we want to without being attacked on.

So why are these cyber bullies which we have not even met in person (but you can see them trolling on YouTube) SO bothered by the kind of music we listen to and WHY they need to calm down.


1. As mentioned earlier IT IS NOT YOUR MONEY we are spending. On the other hand, shuting your own mouth might earn you some money yourself.




2. Is there an organization that certifies “cool” and “uncool” music? No, did not think so. So where is the music police getting their good VS bad music information from?




3. Tell me If I am wrong, isn’t the type of music you listen to is what YOU chose to listen to? Music is Music, and it is meant to be enjoyed, and if a person is enjoying “Work Bitch” by Britney Spears (All hail the Queen) who are you to question them?



4. Last time I checked “Mainstream” music is called Mainstream because a LOT of people enjoy it. So the majority of people are crazy and you were specially delivered by the gods?




5. Gender based discrimination: “Of course you like Taylor Swift, you’re such a girl!!!” If Catchy lyrics, great music and amazing production makes it girly then well we are not complaining.



And it will be wrong to say that only girls are objected to this kind of discrimination, ever heard a guy listening to One Direction? Exactly my point.


6. If you are leaving hurtful comments on YouTube, what you are doing is called cyber-bullying. That’s a criminal offence in many countries like the UK. So that makes you a criminal now.



7. It could also be because these people have nothing better to do, in that case find something to do that does not involve in you being a horrible person.

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Kamakshi Bhat


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