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The humdrum of the commercial and accessible Grammies is finally dying out (maybe the Kanye West stunt will take longer), but back home, Indian metal fans are awaiting the annual Rolling Stone Metal Awards. With its sixth edition being held on March 22nd at Blue Frog, Mumbai; RSMA has grown to be a successful venture that not only hosts some of the best metal performances taking place in the country but also serves as a platform for many upcoming bands to get showcased in front of a much wider audience. While the practice giving out these awards may be a debatable topic since many elitists criticise RSMA’s competitive spirit as a bad move in the Indian metal scene, history has proven that fans and bands both love the event.


This year, Mumbai-based Demonic Resurrection leads the list of nominees with a staggering eight nominations, closely followed by old favourites Scribe and Skyharbor. However, they are going head to head with relatively newer yet equally talented bands like Aberrant and Colossal Figures who released an EP and an album respectively in 2014. This is the aforementioned platform that RSMA provides as it brings out many talented and stellar musicians that many Indian metal fans may not have heard of.


Let’s take a look at the nominees :


Best Band


Colossal Figures

Demonic Resurrection



Best Album

Aberrant – Aberrant

Colossal Figures – Clockwork Dilation

Demonic Resurrection – The Demon King

Scribe – Hail Mogambo

Skyharbor – Guiding Lights

Best Song

Aberrant – “The Vanguard”

Demonic Resurrection – “The Demon King”

Feeding in Atlantis – “The Firefly”

Kraken – “Dance Jane Dance”

Scribe – “Ha! Ha! We are Poor!”

Skyharbor – “Evolution”

Best Vocalist

Aberrant – Ryngkat Jyrwa

Colossal Figures – Govind Marodia

Demonic Resurrection – Sahil ‘The Demonstealer’ Makhija

Hyperion – Shashank Bhatnagar

Murk Blare – Vipul Verma

Scribe – Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy

Best Guitarist

Aberrant – Jerry Nelson Ranee & Imti Kharkongor

Demonic Resurrection – Demonstealer & Daniel Kenneth Rego

Guillotine – Takar Nabam

Scribe – Akshay Rajpurohit & Prashant Shah

Skyharbor – Keshav Dhar & Devesh Dayal

Best Bassist

Colossal Figures – Karsan Chaudhary

Demonic Resurrection – Ashwin Shriyan

Pyramids – Amol Vikram Singh

Scribe – Akshay Rajpurohit

Skyharbor – Krishna Jhaveri

Best Drummer

Aberrant – Rex Kharrngi

Colossal Figures – Rijul Victor

Demonic Resurrection – Virendra Kaith

Pangea – Jai Row Kavi

Scribe – Virendra Kaith

Best Keyboardist

Demonic Resurrection – Mephisto

Guillotine – Akshat Taneja

Kraken – Reuben Das


Moreover, RSMA pre-gigs are happening in Delhi, Jaipur and Bengaluru in the next two weeks.


Jaipur Lineup : Undying Inc, Devoid, Colossal Figures, Winter Gate, Deathscent

Date : 7th March

Venue : District 9 Lounge


Delhi Lineup : Undying Inc, Devoid, Pyramids, Kraken

Date : 8th March

Venue : Antisocial, Hauz Khas Village


Bengaluru Lineup : Threinody, The Down Troddence, Chaos, Sceptre, Neolithic Silence, Abaddon, Amorphia

Date : 15th March

Venue : Indigo Live Music Bar



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