GVO Interview With Prateek Kuhad, The Indie Scene's Favourite Singer-Songwriter

Posted at September 21st, 2017 | by Shivani Goel | in Entertainment, Featured, Homegrown Artists, Indie, Interviews, Videos

Prateek Kuhad is the indie industry’s favourite singer-songwriter, and has played at every major festival in the country. He’s reached that level of quiet stardom, where every show is absolutely packed, and he’s garnering the true-blue fans that have every single lyric forever stored in memory. With Bacardi Nh7 Weekender just around the corner, and Kuhad obviously being a featured artist on the lineup, we caught up with him for a quick interview about his favourite songs, upcoming music, and more.


GVO: You’ve performed at Nh7 Weekender a number of times, what does this festival mean to you?

Prateek: It’s just another show for me tbh. I treat all shows with a uniform attitude. That being said we’re planning on doing a few special things for the Weekender in Pune this year. Should be cool. Come to the set and find out!



GVO: If you had to introduce someone to your music, what song would you select?

Prateek: Flames.


GVO: Which track of yours holds the most meaning to you on a personal level, and why?

Prateek: Flames, again. It’s very personal and I don’t really want to get into specific details but it’s about a relationship that meant a lot to me.




GVO: If there was any songwriter/singer/musician in the world you could collaborate with alive/dead, who would it be?

Prateek: Sia


GVO: What has been your favourite memory while performing onstage?

Prateek: Last night was actually a nice gig. (Unaccompanied, Delhi Concert at Oddbird Theatre, 19th September 2017)



GVO: What would you like to change about the Indian music industry, if anything?

Prateek: I wish everyone involved had more courage.


GVO: You’ve dipped a toe in Bollywood before. Would you consider doing more mainstream/commercial Bollywood music given the chance?

Prateek: I would.



GVO: Which venue would you like to perform at that you haven’t already?

Prateek: Red Rocks (Colorado).


GVO: The song you can’t stop listening to right now?

Prateek: May I Have This DanceFrancis and the Lights ft. Chance The Rapper.



GVO: When can we expect another EP or album from you?

Prateek: I can’t reveal any concrete information on that just as yet, but hopefully something new will happen early next year.


Read up on more about Prateek Kuhad here.

Shivani Goel

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