Prateek Kuhad's "In Tokens & Charms" Is A Music Lover's Delight

Posted at September 26th, 2015 | by Kamakshi Bhat | in Entertainment, Indie, Music

Mumbai/Delhi based singer-songwriter just released his debut full length album called, In Tokens & Charms, a huge surprise for someone who as we knew was made for the club, after the release of his single “Flames” especially in November, last year.

Composed of English written songs unlike his previous EP, Raar Raazi in 2013 which was made of Hindi songs, he says that it wasn’t a conscious decision on his part.
But making music is not easy and those who do it are weirdly creative or creatively weird. Normal people may not be able to make sense of what they say or mean, but their music says it all.




And so is the case with In Tokens & Charms, it’s one of those albums which you might like or want to listen to when you are completely alone. Prateek Kuhad himself has mentioned that “the best way to listen to his album is by oneself” The album is complex yet beautiful and inspiring; be it the music or the lyrics, everything has a deeper meaning.

Not many times have I ever come across an Indian artist this true and wonderful. Everything from his voice, to the drums, to the electric guitar toned down to match the theme of the album  sounds so good.


This Indie-folk, acoustic album reminds you of a simpler time, making you nostalgic for things you do not remember and giving you a sense of calmness and happiness which can’t be put into words. You can close your eyes, rest your head, with your headphones in and feel like you are in love.

A very important thing to be noted in this album is the clarity by which he sings the songs. He is not trying too hard to fake an accent or hide one. He is how he sounds, clear and wonderful and gentle. His song ‘Oh Love’, a definite favorite, will remind you of the band Kodaline, but it still remains true to its essence and original. He sings of love and the things we love in love.


Other favorites will definitely be Go, Fire, Held You Tight.


Go is the kind of song every twenty something with a complicated relationship might be able to resonate with it. The anxiety, hardships, and fights which one endures in such relationship yet the love, those moments that makes it all worth it. He captures all those feelings with a feeling that it might be pictured in the mountains yet leaves you feeling a bit lonely after you finish hearing it.


Don’t leave me hanging sideways
we are drunk and driving highways
and our bodies are inclined
to escape the morning light you
bring your hopes up with the sunrise
but our hearts lie someplace else…
If you go,
I won’t even know, now…’


Soulful, young, imaginative, creative, this album is everything we did not expect and we are not complaining. If this is his work in his debut full length album, who knows what might come next, but I’m sure it will be just as wonderful as this one which will leave us all feeling things.


Kamakshi Bhat


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