Top 10 Pool Party Venues In Mumbai

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What better escape from scorching summer heat than a pool party! Here’s a list of 10 amazing pool party venues in Mumbai. Check it out!

  1. Bay Leaf III At Aura Grande Hotel

This place has the best possible setup for a private and fun filled pool party. With a personal Dj playing all of your favourites and the number of cuisines that they have when it comes to eating from Mexican, Lebanese, Italian, Mediterranean and Chinese. You surely won’t be disappointed when it comes to the perfect pool party. It has a rooftop pool on the 8th floor and now you can plan and see all of ot yourself. Trust me you won’t regret it.

  1. Grand Ball Room at Renaissance Convention Centre

When it comes to service and facilities The Renaissance has its name among the elites and coming to pool parties you can surely have an amazing time with the pool available with one of a kind backdrop which has a huge lake and long trees at the edges. One pool party no one could get over with. Do get a feel of it but in order to do that you need to get out and get your planning shoes on and throw a pool party. They even have their range of global cuisines to get you all set up but the bar in there would surely get you going.

3. Paragon I At Mehluha The fern

This place is named after the famous historical Indus Valley Civilization. Just like its royal connection this place has amazing things to offer with their services and with some quality foods served. With a huge poolside and the Dj dropping the beats you won’t regret a single penny spent. It even has a bar which serves all of your favourite drinks. So a go to place for everyone who loves a dip in the water with a drink besides.

  1. The Residence Hotel and Convention Centre

This place has a pool with a lawn attached so this acts as plus point if planning to host a party on a large scale. This place can easily host a huge number of party animals who love getting wet then having a beer and when done giving some time to dancing. So you get all of the three possible assets when it comes to a pool party. There is this pool side garden which overlook a lush green valley which is an icing on the cake. Summing it up !! Best place to be at if there is a pool party that you are planning to throw.

  1. Beach Front Terrace at Sun N Sand

“Juhu” the land where you find a huge number of celebrity houses. So there has to be places where they can turn up to and have some quality time with their close ones. There comes this place to the rescue “Sun N Sand” where you have the pool with the sun shining and the sand glittering. Juhu beach just sets the perfect landscape for any pool party in the town. A place to go at if there is a pool party to be planned.

  1. Pool at Imperial Hall, Palladium Hotel, Lower Parel

When it comes to pool parties the bigger the better and this place has this huge pool to offer. Talking of the pool it has this amazing bar on deck to get you loosened up and have a quality time getting wet inside the pool. A nice place to get your friends and yourself indulged in some amazing get togethers while sipping a beer and remebering every memories you made together. So its a spacious hotel with a hige pool and some amazing services provided. Get your summer planned with this place on the checklist.

  1. Sky bar in C’est Le Vie

Bandra !! A place where you can find everything and anything and there comes this place with this amazing pool and some amazing scenes which will get your eyes rolling and you’d never want to go out of this place. Pool and party equals to pool party and this place is the best place if planning for a medium sized party with some close friends. The bar would get you going for sure but not to forget the ambience of this place is surely an eye candy and something that everyone would love.

  1. Dome – Intercontinental

Located in the heart of south mumbai this upper deck pool side has the ability to provide you with some breathtaking sights. But being inside the pool with your friends around and music playing in the backgroud would add up to the fun. Something that anyone coming to a pool party would love to experience. Party at a Poolside besides Marine drive is something you would choose over any other partying. So get taste of this place and get your summer rolling.

  1. Allamanda Terrace at Marine Plaza

Hotel Marine Plaza has this sixth-floor terrace garden area where they have this pool on the rooftop fitted with glass overlooking their beautiful lobby. A pool a bar and lots of drinks these are the most important aspects that decide whether a pool party is amazing or its a complete tragedy. So yeah overall an amazing place to throw your private pool party.

  1. Novotel, Juhu

Juhu has this certain feel which you won’t find anywhere with the beaches Juhu inherits and the kind of people visiting. Novotel has this amazing view on deck which you can experience sitting besides the pool and the sun shining with all its might but you’ll have this pool to save your life. They have this inhouse Dj which you can get for yourself. They even have this wide range of cuisines which will further add up to the experience. So get your freinds plan a pool party invite more friends then get yourself this inhouse Dj and then invite more friends and then have a blast. You won’t have any regrets left with you. Get wet enjoy the pool and drink lots and lots of beer.

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