Plot Twists Worth Watching

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If you are bored with the absolutely shamelessly redundant storylines of most mainstream movies today, here is a list of plot twists worth watching:

(not in sequence of preference)



A short series created by the very funny Smukhi Suresh. This engaging series is no less of a marvel by her. A fresh, quirky and rather “creepy” story about a girl who falls hopelessly in love with a man, and starts to stalk him. Came much before the current trendy “You” on Netflix.

I would suggest a binge on a weekend, or anytime you feel like actually.


Tabu and Aayushmann Khurrana stand out, along with the editors of the movie, along with the writers, Sriram Raghwan, Arijit Biswas, Pooja Ladha Surti, Yogesh Chandekar, along with Amit Trivedi’s music. Basically, everyone is amazing and everything stands out from the writing to the acting to the editing to the music, especially the music, in this beautiful shot movie which is directed by K.U. Mohanan.

An extremely well made movie, definitely worth a watch. Plot twists after plot twists, this movie just doesn’t slow down on the thrill. A must watch for all people who are looking for some refreshing Indian cinema and plot twists.

P.S. if these people are not winning film fares, you know it is rigged.


Tabu amazes once again. Shahid Kapoor, proves why he is probably the most underrated actor in Bollywood.  Hamlet inspired, this Vishal Bhardwaj made movie is a contemporary marvel. Definitely in the ranks of one of the best Bollywood movies ever made, doesn’t lack in the music department as well with Vishal Bhardwaj’s multi spectral talents.

This movie is something which also pierces through the realities of Kashmir and the nexus of the authorities. Made on beautiful backdrops of Kashmir, this grime movie is a roller coaster ride of emotions and genres.


Reservoir Dogs

Classic Alret! Six reckless and dangerous strangers are brought together for a heist, and chaos descends upon their lives as events spiral out of their control. In Quentin Tarantino’s directorial debut, the dark humor,  untamed violence and roller coaster like unpredictability synchronize magnificently in a haywire narrative. A must watch for cinephiles who like their poison undiluted.


This proves that mainstream actors can work for a film with a kickass script, much away from the ordinary. A movie which surprises you. Zoya Akhtar  and Reema Kagti proving their mettle in moving making, with this engaging movie.

The Usual Suspects


Vidya Balan is the Hero of this movie. Single lead, leading on a story so interesting you would not be able to stop in the middle. I’d suggest keeping a meal by the side for uninterrupted fun.

The Shutter Island

One of my personal favourites, but who am I even? lol

This is one masterpiece which dives into the human mind and somehow shows how we repress our flaws to appear perfect to ourselves. I movie about a mental institution, brought to life on screen by Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo, is like fine wine, that is to say has aged well. Till date it doesn’t seem like an outdated piece and in this age of colours, the movie mute on colours will definitely leave a mark on you.

Infernal Affairs

This ride of a movie from Hong Kong, is what inspired “The Departed”. The movie truly takes you on a ride, so grab some drinks cause there are a lot of scenes where you will need a large sip to digest the on screen madness.


Anuraag Kashyap’s first movie which was quite a hit in the torrent downloading crowds. And thanks to that crowd, Anuraag Kashyap made a name for himself by focusing on quality.

The Sixth Sense

Old Boy

If you’ve heard the name before, it is quite possible that it is the Hollywood remake of this South Korean beauty. A movie, with a storyline so twisted it will mindfuck you. So get ready for some twisted revenge action.

The Fight Club

The movie which shot Brad Pitt and Edward Norton into mainstream Hollywood fame as well as game them recognition as serious actors. A action packed movie which punches you with a plot twist so hard, you weren’t ready for it. Enough has been said about this movie at numerous occasions, and it is considered a blockbuster among both the movie theatres and the critics.

If you haven’t watched it already, get to it real soon.



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