Personality Study Check: Music People V/S Non-Music People

Posted at December 21st, 2015 | by Nikita Arora | in Grapevine

Ever wondered what motivates people to sing while at work or plug in those earphones while doing writing some excellent word gimmicks, there is no set answer to this question.

Researchers across the world have taken up various patterns of studies to locate a link between music and time spent by people in creating the right music records or writing lyrics. What came out is rather a unbelievable fact that the time is parallel to the musician’s talent and varies with each individual. The passion, drive and creativity are other elements that guide the music production process by a musician and contribute to the overall time span.

But, some researchers are of the view that musicians have common personality traits that act as a platform for smooth sailing of their human experiences into musical translations. It is the ‘emotional’ quotient of an individual that remains the same factor. Other than that some of the differences spotted among musicians and non-music people are summarized as:

Musicians are more open, agreeable and vigilant. A research conducted by University of Melbourne came to the conclusion that instrumental musicians have an upper hand as compared to non-musicians on being conscientious, agreeable and open-minded.


Another study conducted by University of Arts in 2012 in Serbia cleared some air and got hands on similar findings that an ray of independent thinking is experiences by Musicians, their creativity brings in a lot or openness in the behaviors as compared to those who are not inclined towards the genre of music production. Active imagination, inner receptivity, independent thinking, aesthetic sensibility, preference of diversity, divergent thinking and intellectual curiosity are some of the other traits spotted among musicians under this study. Though a general description about the same traits can be found among all the creative types yet it is highly recognizable among young musicians.

Another difference among musicians and non-musicians is the, the former individuals are more stable and agreeable in their behavior and it might be due to the fact that live musical performances involve a creation of give and take relationships with the audiences and results in the developments of such personality traits among musicians.

A 2010 study found out that a great degree of openness to experience new things is demonstrated by visual artists and musicians as compared to psychology students; which though are clearly due to neuroticism in visual artists. Through several practical studies, musicians have scored better on the traits such as agreeableness and extraversion and have been often tagged with labels as “bold extroverts”. Though this is indirectly related to the music instrument played by the musician.


Another breakthrough study came up with the conclusion that a music individual showing traits such as studious child is more inclined towards strings and the ones that are extroverts and socially outgoing prefer singing and brass. But again, this varies from individual to individual and does not fit for multiple-instrument playing music artists.

No double checking on the fact that learning a music instrument helps develop some great personality traits including high degree of patience yet it brings higher effects on the brains. All research studies would agree to the fact that learning music has a profound effect on the development of mind. Learning has a great outcome in improving your reading and verbal abilities, creative thinking process as well as spatio-temporal reasoning.


A research conducted by University of Vermont College of Medicine found out that by learning a piano, a child can have major effects on maturation behavior and emotional quotient leading to anxiety management and emotional stability. Infact, a study conducted at the German Socio-Economic Panel in 2013 that music is directly related to cognitive development of children as compared to sports, dance or theater.

Music has the power to connect your soul to your mind and body and can put you into a whole new world of creative exploration. Explore, learn and play!

Nikita Arora


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