Pablo: The Emerging new artist you should check out

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The rising artist PABLO, has released his debut album PRINCE.

The 24-year-old music producer-turned rapper, based out of Calcutta, is now one of the fastest rising names in the Indian dance music circuit. The multi-genre artist has been signed to a global bass label ‘High Chai Recordings’, and shares the roster with top Indian artists like Nucleya and Ritviz. The bass  sensation has shifted gears and set foot into the rap game, marking a new subgenre of modern trap music.

On his debut rap EP, titled ‘PRINCE’, PABLO takes us on a ride through his chain of thoughts. The first track of the EP, ‘Funny’ is all about the people who have doubted him and cheated him in life, yet never been able to hold him back. With bars like ‘Funny how we stayed up till the morn/Funny how you miss me now I’m gone’, you can feel the character come out. ‘Too Much’ is a festival banger, while ‘Pick it up’ is a club anthem. On ‘Crown’, he brings out the different voices in his head and proves his sheer lyrical excellence. Check out the video of the first song below:


We got in touch with Pablo regarding his EP Release and future plans. Check it out below:


Q. Tell us in detail about the EP

A. This EP goes out to every kid that locked themself in their room alone, while everyone was out celebrating.I started working on ‘Prince’ last year around my birthday, which is in July. I wanted to work on a bass-infused trap project, so I made four different beats on four different tempos and I was wondering what to do next. You know, being a bass artist in India, you have a very narrow audience, and I was trying to find a way to come out of that. Rap has always been my favourite genre. I grew up listening to lyrically heavy rappers like Lil Wayne, Kanye, Drake. All my favourite artists have been a part of my journey, every album is associated with some phase of my life. Being a multi-genre producer and a touring artist, the sole idea of me starting to rap and write was to start telling stories. I started recording myself in the studio every night and engineering my own voice, and that’s how this happened. I want people to hear this EP and remember this as a part or phase of their lives, till I’m back again with more music. I wanted true replay value on my tracks, I wanted people telling people to go check out this new rapper, I wanted people to call me up and tell me how my songs hit them hard. And I can see that already happening. I don’t need my song on some celebrity DJ’s playlist or popular label, this is all that matters to me. ‘PRINCE’ is dedicated to those people who have always kept me going, and made me feel like one. It means everything to me.

Q. What are your thoughts about the current Hip hop/ rap scene in India?

A.  I think it’s definitely started being noticed, but it’s still nowhere on the world map yet. I think rap is not about showing off how good your flow is, or how you’re better than someone else. Rap is your own emotion, it’s about fitting into the same shoes and telling a different story every time. I think India still has a long way to go in terms of that, but viewership has definitely shot up over the last few months. I also think the beat production could really go up in the scene but anyway, this is good news.

Q. Out of all the tracks which one is the closest to your heart and why?

A.  ‘Too Much’ is definitely the best track I’ve produced in my life so far, but if you ask me which is the one closest to my heart, I’ll choose ‘Funny’. I was in a really dark place when I wrote ‘Funny’, and I wrote it more for myself than anyone else. I wanted to come out of that place and move on in life. It’s already out as a single, and the kind of powerful reactions I’ve got from people have been honestly way more than I expected. This song will always reminder me where I started from when I’m feeling lost in life.

Q. Top 3 Indian hiphop artist you are listening to right now?

A. I have Horsepowar (she’s Canadian Indian) and The PropheC on heavy rotation. I’ve been following Brodha V for a while and I think he is one of the best rappers in India. Also, Dino James has struck a chord with ‘Loser’, and Bangladeshi trio Bhanga Bangla’s music is something you shouldn’t be missing out on.

Q. 5 tracks from your current playlist that everyone should listen to?

Drake – Nonstop
The Carters – Apeshit
Pardisson Fontaine – Backin It Up (feat. Cardi B)
Future – First Off (feat. Travis Scott)
Meek Mill – Going Bad (feat. Drake)

Q. What does Pablo do when not making music?

A. I’m not really someone who likes to socialize too much or party. I mostly stay with my friends and just play Fortnite or watch a movie. I hit the tennis courts once in a while. I love drives. I actually test out each and every song on drives while I’m making them and my friends sing along. That’s how they become a part of my journey. I love going for runs or long walks. Wherever I go, I take my music with me.
Check out PRINCE, out on all platforms:



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