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There is nothing stopping Nucleya’s rise in the Indian indie music industry right now. Ever since the release of his phenomenal Koocha Monster EP, ardent fans have been screaming “F*** that shit!” at every concert of his.


After a lot of ridiculously entertaining promo videos on his Facebook page, last Sunday, amongst the maddening Ganesh Visarjan processions, there was one particular group that stood out. Launching his album in one of the most unique ways, the badman from Delhi dropped his latest album titled ‘Bass Rani’ and performed the entire album live for the first time from his custom Bass Rani Truck. He was accompanied by Su Real, Alo Wala, Divine and Naezy making for some power packed performances.





Check out the Individual track review here:


#1 Laung Gawacha (feat. Avneet Khurmi) – The much-awaited track Laung Gawacha with Avneet Khurmi, a Trap remix of the eponymous popular folk song, finally makes its debut on the album after being tested out at his concerts for months, and it is one of the hardest hitting tracks on the album.


#2 Bass Rani – The title track features Nucleya’s signature Indian influenced Dubstep with Punjabi vocals and an extremely catchy melody.


#3 Jungle Raja (feat. Divine & Gagan Mudgal) – Nucleya Dhamaka Hai Ye! This was the first track from the album to be revealed. It starts off with an All India Radio introduction from presenter Gagan Mudgal and is followed by Divine reciting his verses on a grimey hip hop beat.


#4 Aaja (feat. Avneet Khurmi & Guri Gangsta) – Soulful vocals by Avneet with an Acoustic Guitar intro which leads to a hard Trap drop. The song also features some vocal samples from Nucleya’s 3 year old son known as Guri Gangsta.


#5 Chennai Bass (feat. Siva Mani & Chinna Ponnu) – The track starts with a weird call to Siva Mani who contributed his percussionist brilliance to the track. It captures the essence of popular South Indian music with a phenomenal riser, followed by a mind-numbing hardstyle drop that reminds you of stuff by Boaz Van De Beatz.


#6 Heer (feat. Shruti Pathak) [Dirty Dewarist Remix] – The words of poet Waris Shah (popularly known as the William Shakespeare of India) sung by Shruti Pathak backed by Nucleya with music inspired from Phuket, Thailand. The song was composed as part of an episode on The Dewarists.


#7 Mumbai Dance (feat. Julius Sylvest) – The track starts with a hilarious Hindi, National Geographic-esque narration. Nucleya channels his inner Tribal and merges it with Trap and heavy Indian percussion.


#8 F**k Nucleya – Indian Bass Music at it’s finest. Nucleya brings the Bhayankar Bass into a Club Banger. It’s Motherfuckin’ Nucleya!


The Koocha monster has been taking Indian electronic music to the world and I say he’s a worthy representative. After all, it does seem he has discovered the secret blend of Indian street sounds with western electronic music. This album will definitely not disappoint his fans and will probably create many new ones. As always Nucleya has produced the album with finesse and delivered such unique genre defying sounds which very few artists can claim to have done.

Guest Writer


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