Our Beloved Music Festivals Are Killing The Planet & We Need To Do Something About It

Posted at November 6th, 2017 | by Yash Vikram Singh | in Dance Music, Entertainment, Featured, News

In the right light, Music Festivals are the most magical and heavenly places to be at. It’s all about good vibes that one multi-day weekend, getting crossfaded and getting all misty listening to some of your favourite artists on the planet. But then comes the morning after, when the festival grounds are litterally swarming with tons of trash and a carbon footprint of 10s of thousands of attendees that were too turnt to give a sh*t about the environmentalist in them.



This is not a problem that didn’t persist before it’s just that with the expeditious awakening of the music scene in the country, it has become a huge issue. And it will keep on galloping as festivals increase in size, range and their propensity to focus on every aspect of the attendees’ ‘experience’ but their conscience of our environment. Countries like the U.S. & U.K. witness as many festivals as any but they are still concerned about curbing the plague that is the recurring carbon print the size of K2 left back after music festivals. Concepts like Solar powered charging stations, tons of recycling and carpool programs. Burning Man envisages a ‘leave no trace’ policy that none of the attendees heed lightly towards.


Around a year ago, Vijay Nair & OML started an initiative for Nh7 Weekender 2016 where they recycled 81% of the waste generated.


While everyone gloats about the scale and size of events we get to see in the country these days, one thing we (the…

Posted by Vijay Nair on Sunday, December 18, 2016


As festivals get bigger and bigger and other such bigger festivals that are gracing this fair country of ours, there needs to be a spike in how much concern in the scene than what prevails today. And while that happens, some ways y’all can make mother Earth happier are;


Carpool to your beloved music festivals instead of coming in as part of a convoy



There’s no need to take multiple cars when you can just focus on one shared turn-up wagon which not only is way more fun but cuts your carbon footprint by a sh*t ton.


Clean up after yourselves



It’s not that big of a deal. We’re not apes. We’re sure you can pick up that beer cup you tossed like Jordan Belfort in TWOWS just as easily.


It might need you to take recourse to your more patient suit, but always use washrooms



Just because you’re too turnt to give a f*ck doesn’t mean you should go nuts in the bushes whenever you have to tinkle, that’s what the washrooms are for.

Go plastic free, instead of buying a gajillion water bottles



Carry water bottles that can be filled up rather than buying plastic bottles every 30 mins.


Raise awareness



Let your buddies in on your plan to go green this festival season, no one is too cool for a good cause.


Yash Vikram Singh


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