10 Music Festival Struggles Only Guys Will Understand

Posted at February 18th, 2016 | by Shivani Goel | in Entertainment

Everyone usually cribs about how many issues girls face at music festivals and parties because they’re always receiving unwanted attention, they can’t go to the loo anywhere like guys can, or that it’s unsafe for them to be wandering around without a guy friend. But men face their own share of crap at such events too and here are some of them.


  1. Alcohol is expensive. They don’t get ladies night coupons. They don’t have anyone buying them drinks. And they usually end up pitching in for drinks for a girl or two.




2. The ratio of guy:girl is always too high on the male side. As much as men like chilling with their bros, they do want to meet some girls when they go out, and the few girls that attend these events are usually already surrounded by guys.




3. Guys have to be chivalrous about Everything. Some chivalry like opening doors or pulling out chairs is not a bother. But standing in a queue to get food/drinks/anything at all, giving up seats for the ladies ALL the time, and letting them have the last of everything gets tiring after a while.




4. Not all guys out there are creeps. It’s hard for a dude to strike up a conversation, or have any interaction with a girl at all without coming off as if he’s trying to hit on her or has some ulterior motive.




5. If there is ever the need to drive back from a festival or a party, it always falls of the guys to be sober enough to drive home. On top of that they are more likely to be pulled over by cops at night, and god forbid if there is even a hint of alcohol on them.




6. So apart from being mandatory designated drivers and making sure they don’t get in trouble with the cops, guys are also usually responsible for dropping all their girlfriends and girl friends home. And hopefully they aren’t in an ’emotional’ drunk state of mind.




7. Whether you’re attending a popular event in a metropolitan or trying to get into a club in Goa, if you don’t have a girl on your arm it’s very difficult to get in. Stag entries are either more expensive or not possible only in some cases.




8. Taking care of drunk girls is not as fun as one might think. Again, not all guys are creeps and don’t take advantage of drunk girls. So having a girl falling all over and delivering her home safely is not a task one enjoys.




9. When it comes to deciding where to go, the girls in the group usually have more of a say in deciding. Chivalry comes into play again.




10. Security discriminates more against guys when it comes to checking for drugs, alcohol, or drunken conduct. Girls can get away with a lot more things.


Shivani Goel

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