Monsoon Road Trip Playlist

Posted at July 6th, 2015 | by Prakhar Narang | in

Who doesn’t love rains? After endless days of scorching heat, rains are a blessing. And you don’t waste a blessing sitting at home or working in your cubicle.
So move your ass, call in sick, grab your keys, call up a few of your favorite travel buddies and go for a road trip. These light cold days create just the perfect time to embark on the tradition of a road trip. Of course, you can’t drive in complete silence — well, you can, but the very thought of it is giving us a flat tire — so we’ve compiled a list of the best monsoon road trip songs to get your motors running as you kick your highway journey into high gear.
Just like this rare weather we’ve compiled some rare light songs.

1. The A Team- Ed Sheeran


It might be ‘too cold for angels‘ but not for your engine. The perfect song to start your playlist with and enjoy the weather on an endless road.


2. Free fallin- John Mayer


When it comes to light and soothing moments you cannot listen to dubstep or Hip Hop. You need some blues rock, who else besides legendary John Mayer with one of his best song- Free Fallin’.

3. Lost stars- Keira Knightley


Connect with yourself, your friends, the road..just go deep. This young actress with her record breaking debut song got you covered. This popular song is the best option for lip syncing battle with your friends.

4.Truly madly deeply- Savage garden


Not all road trips are with your buddies, sometimes all you need is one special person to be with. If you’ve found that special person then you should thank us for introducing this song to your life. This song produced in ’97.. yes it’s that old. Probably most popular song on a mix tape, when making a mix tape was a thing for valentines day.Go back to the simpler times!

5. Only time- Enya


Talking of the simpler times, it takes time to come back from the golden era of music. Only time is a valuable collection of that era, with soul searching lyrics and heart warming music. This is one of the most romantic songs you would like to share with that special one. Just leave the social network behind and spend some time with your loved one to make beautiful memories.

6. Mykonos- Fleet foxes


Just as the song says, “you go wherever, you go today”. Fleet Foxes have an infectious sound more essentially, perfect for this playlist. Just sit back with cruise control and enjoy the song. Just don’t sleep while driving as this song is perfectly capable of taking you to a dreamy world.

7. Full moon- The Black Ghosts



Don’t go with the name of the band, it’s not some metal rock kinda music. One of the rarest of the rare songs but perfect match for your playlist. Go where you’ve never been, you don’t know what you’ll see, let the universe surprise you. Thank us later!

8. How the story ends- Secret wonder


Just as the name of the band, the identity of it is almost a secret. One of the most beautiful and soulful track ever one could listen to. One of the most perfect song to share with the most perfect people of your life on this roadtrip.

Prakhar Narang


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