Meshuggah set to release New album in 2016

Posted at March 19th, 2015 | by Rohan.singh | in Nightlife

Extreme metal giants Meshuggah have announced that they are all set to release their latest offering in 2016!


The band’s drummer, Tomas Hakke confirmed that the band is set to hit the studio this year. Here is the video in which Tomas demonstrates how things work as being the drummer of Meshuggah.



Meshuggah is a Swedish progressive/extreme metal band and is also considered to be pivotal for the ‘djent’ movement. The band, formed in 1987, has released  7 studio albums, 6 EPs and 2 live DvDs. Polyrhythms, polymetered riff cycles, rhythmic syncopation, rapid key and tempo changes and neo-jazz chromatics are the trademarks the band. They have toured twice in India and are also inspired by a New Delhi based guitarist Ishaan Vajpai. Tomas Haake was also inspired by an Indian, Manik Gupta.



If you don’t know much about the band, here is a little tid bit for you to take home.

The members of Meshuggah are:-


Jens Kidman-  Vocals(hardcore-style shouts and “robotic” death metal screams.)

Fredrik Thordendal-lead/Rhythm guitars(A trademark of Thordendal is jazz fusion-like soloing and improvisation)

Tomas Haake- Drums

Mårten Hagström- lead guitars

Dick Lövgren- Bassist


Thordendal, Hangstorm and Haake with the assistance of Kidman do all the songwriting. Meshuggah always adhere to the original idea while composing a song instead of tweaking with the tunes later on. Hangstrom believes that each member of Meshuggah know the actions of other members conceptually. There is no exclusion. The band has performed in various international festivals, including Ozzfest and Download, and they started their Obzen World Tour(2008-2010). It’s been three years since they last released their studio album “Koloss”.


One thing is for sure, with the significant rise in Meshuggah’s recognition worldwide, their new album is much awaited by all the metal admirers.



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