Martin Garrix Talks About His Upcoming TimeOut72 Performance & More

Posted at December 5th, 2017 | by Shivani Goel | in Entertainment, Featured

Martin Garrix is coming down to Goa for the debut edition of TimeOut72 Festival and we’re super pumped for this one. He’s closing the festival on Day 3 and has a massive fan following that’s going to come down for him. Check out everything he has to say about the performance!


Please give us a glimpse into what your fans can expect at the TimeOut72 festival. What led you to say yes to playing India, anyway? 

I love India and it’s always an honor to play here. I’m bringing the new production over to you guys and I’m looking forward to having a big party with everyone there!



How does it feel coming to India? What do you like the most about the country?

I always love going to India. This place has so much energy and loyal fans. Every time I do a show the whole crowd goes crazy, and I love that vibe.


How have your past performances here been? 

Crazy! I always get so much support here. A lot of times people are already waiting at the airport.


What’s your set going to be like for the December gig? What are you expecting from the audience here?

I’m expecting some craziness from the crowd. And of course I’m not spoiling yet what my set is going to be like, you will have to come and see for yourself! I might have some surprises for you!


You’ll be in the country for how many days? What do you plan to do besides playing?

I will probably be there for the weekend, so if I have some time off I definitely would like to do some sightseeing! I always like to actually see something from the country that I’m visiting.


Martin, since you’ve been to India before, what was your experience like in the country from an artist’s perspective — the audience, response and potential? 

As an artist, experiencing different cultures is really interesting. The energy I get from the crowd during my shows is amazing. And of course I always love to visit you guys!



Has India ever inspired your music in any way? Or is there an Indian artist, a particular song that has caught your attention lately?

I can get my inspiration from so many things around me. I love to listen to music from other artists and watch them perform. Also I get a lot of my inspiration when I’m touring. Who knows I might get inspired when I’m there!


Your fans in India have been dedicatedly listening your music. Do you have anything special planned for them in terms of the tracks you’ve picked? 

I always try to adjust my sets to the crowd and the vibes I’m getting from them. I always want to give away the best show possible. What I like to do is surprise people, so I’d like the show to be a surprise as well!


On a lighter note, what else do you plan to do after the gig is over? Anything specific that you’ve got on your mind? 

I would love to explore the country and get in touch with locals and the culture. I think I’ll stay here for the weekend so hopefully when my schedule let’s me I can get to know the country a little bit more.


This is not the first time you are coming to India. Tell us about what s it about India that you like the most and why? Also what makes you keep coming back? 

First and foremost to see my fans there. That’s always the main reason to come back of course. India is really beautiful with an amazing culture. It’s so different from my home country. That’s what I like about being on tour, visiting so many different countries over the world, I get a lot of inspiration from that as well.


What will be on your setlist this time around? And what expectation do you have from music lovers who will be attending your concert? 

I always decide what to play on the spot, but of course some of my hits will be on the setlist for sure. The rest will all be a surprise!


What is the difference between fans in India and back home? What separates them? 

That’s difficult to say. You have different energy levels in countries I think, but I love all my fans and appreciate all the support. I always find it so overwhelming when I come to a country and people are already waiting for me at the airport. And then at the show the crowd is absolutely madness. That’s crazy and I’m really grateful for it.


What do you plan to do (visit, gorge on etc) once you are in India? Anything special that you experienced in our earlier trip/s that you would like to share? 

I don’t have any plans so far, but I would definitely like to visit some beautiful places. So hopefully my schedule allows it. Last time I went to see the Taj Mahal and it was so beautiful and impressive.


What are you most looking forward to as part of your India concert? Any plans of sightseeing as well? 

I’m really looking forward to seeing all the dedicated fans partying to my set of course! I hope I can also explore India a bit, it’s such a beautiful country that has a lot of sightseeing to offer. Also the culture is so different than back at home. I love that.


Any message for your Indian fans? 

Definitely! Thank you guys so much for your amazing support and I hope to see all of you at the show! Let’s party together.


Shivani Goel

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