If You Like To Rave, You Need To Take Care Of Your Hearing

Posted at June 15th, 2016 | by Shivani Goel | in

A recent study by Scientific Journal states that 30% of teenagers are already suffering from hearing loss. The syndrome is known is tinnitus and is a recurring ringing in your ears which is a sign of permanent damage.

loud-musicTests and interviews were performed on 170 students between the age bracket of 11 and 17. They were questioned about whether they engage in ‘risky listening habits’ at loud clubs and parties, and on their personal listening devices. All such subjects could have long term hearing damage and about 28% were already suffering from chronic tinnitus. They also had increased sensitivity to loud noises.

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Nowadays we have high volume, high-tech devices that we plug into our ears for hours on end. A lot of phones give warning signs when you cross a certain volume level but we ignore them anyway. So if you like to listen to loud music or you attend concerts with blasting speakers, you really need to take precautions. Never listen to music at a very high volume, and if you’re in a insanely loud environment then use ear plugs. You get many reusable, protective varieties which you should invest in.

Source: NBC News

Shivani Goel

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