If You Like To Rave, You Need To Take Care Of Your Hearing

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A study published last year has found that long term exposure to excessive noise, including ‘recreational noise’, caused by a personal listening device (PLD) such as headphones and earbuds, has been found to be a contributing factor in as much as 21% of hearing disorders. 

The syndrome is known is tinnitus and is a recurring ringing in your ears which is a sign of permanent damage.

The study comprised searched electronic databases and compared personal listening devices, listening habits, and hearing outcomes.

The study also found that risky listening habits could include loud music in clubs and parties or when listening to music on headphones.

The groups in the study who persistently listened to loud music and ignored the phone’s warning signs when you cross a certain volume level were deemed to be most at risk.

The lead author in the study said:

“So if you like to listen to loud music or you attend concerts with blasting speakers, you really need to take precautions. Never listen to music at a very high volume, and if you’re in a insanely loud environment then use ear plugs. You get many reusable, protective varieties which you should invest in.”

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