Karan Joseph's Demise: Suicide Or Not?

Posted at September 12th, 2017 | by Mehak Mirza Prabhu | in Featured, News

When artists are reported to have committed suicide, their vulnerability due to the mentally and emotionally demanding nature of their work makes it believable without proper questioning. The same seems to have been the case with regards to the tragic demise of KARAN JOSEPH, a renowned Pianist and great human being and pure soul, as described by most of his acquaintances. Without further delay, I would simply like to jump to the chain of events, available on social media for all to investigate, just 24 hours before the fatal jump.  Here it goes:



On 8th Sept, Karan Joseph shared a post on his Facebook timeline. The main concern raised in this post was the disgust people felt towards this one particular person named Rishi Shah. The comments were harsh and hard hitting and filled with genuine hatred towards him. Through all the comments in this post thread, Rishi Shah seems to come across as a rude, arrogant and dreaded individual in the independent music scene.



When you go through the comments further you see Karan Joseph’s comments on the post as well. This was just 12 hours before the fatal jump.



So evidently, sharing this post was a clear sign of supporting the hate brigade against Rishi Shah, who clearly seems to deserve it if you check his attitude and waywardness in few available videos and posts.



Watch Rishi Shah in action here.


Well, now the RaveWORLDMEDIA accounts have been deleted. There was also an FB live session of Rishi Shah with Karan Joseph which took place last Friday worth observing, which has also been taken down. To me, the video gave a feel of bullying and dominance.

Well now we come to the end of this, where I shall share one final piece of information and leave you to think about the question, ‘Does this really seem like a Suicide?’



So? To sum it up, (though I do not need to I am sure) Karan lived in this person’s house yet chose to post against him. That being his last post and that being the last person he was with.

There is more to this assumed case of suicide, and people who knew Karan know this.



Let’s push for truth.



RIP dear Karan Joseph.


PS: If anyone of you recollects any incidence; small or big, relevant or irrelevant, that your instinct says might add a piece to this mystery, please write it in the comment.


Here are some of the comments received on the blog:


Mehak Mirza Prabhu


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