Jason Derulo Talks About All Things Related To His Upcoming India Show

Posted at December 4th, 2017 | by Shivani Goel | in Entertainment, Music

Pop star Jason Derulo is coming down to Goa’s latest festival, TimeOut72 this December and we’re super excited for the pop-star’s debut performance. Check out everything he has to say about it!



It’s your maiden visit to India. What are your sentiments and expectations?

Yes this is my first time to India. Music is the soul of your country and I feel privileged and humbled to be coming to India. I feel very connected to India


What is it about India that makes your excited?

India is known for its cultural diversity and I’m very excited to experiment with some Indian food and explore the art and architecture of the country. I have heard of Indian music and I’d love to see how I could collaborate with some Indian musicians in the future.


What should fans expect from your performance at TimeOut72? What’s your set going to be like?

I’m bringing the biggest party to TIMEOUT 72. I am going to be playing some of my biggest hits including Swalla, Talk Dirty, Whatcha Say,Wiggle, Get Ugly. I have my best dancers and musicians coming along with me so it’s going to be a grand theatrical show with a lot of energy.



How do you perceive the music scene in India, especially at a time when it is attracting a whole lot of talent from the U.S., Britain and elsewhere? 

The musical scale is so varied, vast and powerful in India. I’d like to believe that India is as good as any country in the world when it comes to India.


Is there a possibility that you take an influence back from India for a song?

You never know because India is so magical and mystical. I can’t wait to get to India!


Have you ever listened to Indian musicians work? If yes, who are your favourites? If no, who would you like to collaborate with? 

Indian music is so diverse and is making waves across the globe. I think it’s so very layered and I do listen to it online. Unfortunately I don’t know names. I just love different genres of music and artistes. It’s always exciting collaborating and exploring a different perspective on musical collaborative concepts. I think music allows you to express yourself and I always like to see how different artists interpret music.


What are your travel and food plans in India. Anything you are looking to experiment with? Yes the authentic India food because that’s one cuisine I tried at so many places but I want to come to India and taste it. I want to try the naan and curries! I am definitely to explore the Goan city and its architecture as well!


Are you travelling elsewhere in India after Goa and do you have a must-do list? I’d love to explore India but I guess it’s going to be just Goa this time. So here’s a message to all my Indian fans -come over to Goa and I promise you the best time of your lives.


Shivani Goel

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