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Posted at April 21st, 2015 | by Sarthak Vij | in Dance Music, Entertainment, Interviews

We had a chance to interact with W&W, Dutch trance and house duo, consisting of Dutch Willem van Hanegem and Wardt van der Harst during their India Tour for Sunburn On Air Celebration Weekend. They talk about Indian Dance Music scene with zeal and were enthusiastic to be a part of SOA#50 celebrations. Here’s an exclusive interview with W&W.


W&W at Hyderabad during SOA#50 Celebrations

W&W at Hyderabad during SOA#50 Celebrations


Tell us about your new Tropical House single in the making. 

It’s a new space that we have ventured into and we just like to combine styles and create something we love to play. When it comes to music and house music we’re pretty open-minded. We like all kinds of different styles and we try to experiment with different genres. So we are pretty excited for this single.


You posted a few days back on your facebook page some news about yet another collab with Armin Van Buuren. What can we expect?
That is something everyone will have to wait and watch.



How has been your experience so far with the Indian crowd? 
It’s a pleasure to be back to this wonderful country. Performing in India is really amazing, it’s such a rapidly growing scene out here that it’s a treat every time we get here and see how everything’s developed!


How does it feel to be a part of SOA#50 celebrations?
It’s an amazing feeling to be part of the SOA#50 celebrations . We think it’s a great platform to share your music.  On Air podcasts are gaining a lot of popularity the world over and we feel it’s a very novel way to stay in touch with the music being produced around the world.


What can we expect in your set? Top 2 tracks which are a part of your sets right now.
Lift Off, Invasion.



What do you feel about the Indian Dance Music scene? 

The EDM scene in the west is much more used to everything, so people tend to be a little less excited, really cool crowd nonetheless, but in India, the scene is rather untouched. That’s cool! It’s so cool to see people in India at the shows because like we said, they’re so excited. Maybe they’ve waited for months to go to the festival and now they’re finally there and they lose themselves in the music. It’s always an incredible crowd!


Any message for your Indian Fans?

We’re going to bring a ton of energy and loads of new bangers for you guys! We will make sure no one can stand still!

Sarthak Vij


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