GVO Interview: Kygo Talks About His India Tour, Studio Album, & Future Plans

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Dressed in a plain grey hoodie and white tee, sporting his black cap which makes an appearance at almost all his gigs, in walks the man who has created the deep house tropical sound which we all enjoy today. Kygo who has just released his second studio album “Kids in Love”, earlier this month is on his Asia tour leg with his first stop in India, and we caught up with him in Mumbai during his Sunburn Arena show!



GVO: This is your second time in India. Did you get the chance to explore more this time ?

Kygo: Yeah, last time I was here, I was in and out of Goa in 20 hours flat. This time I got a chance to check out more places like ‘The Gateway of India’ which was really cool. Hopefully after tonight’s show, I’ll get more time to check other places out.


GVO: Did you get a chance to munch on some authentic Indian delicacies ?

Kygo: Yeah , they have a big buffet at the hotel with a lot of different Indian food. I can’t remember the names as such but they’re definitely spicy and I’m a huge fan of anything spicy.


GVO: The integration of international artists making music with indian artists is picking up now? Any chances of you collaborating with an Indian artist as well?

Kygo: I don’t have anything planned right now but it would definitely be cool to be involved with a Bollywood track. There’s a lot cool music in Bollywood and I’d love to be a part of it. Let’s see, I’ll try to make it happen.


GVO: What’s your take on the Electronic Music Scene in India?

Kygo: Well I think it’s really growing super fast here and it’s really exciting to witness it, with me being a Dj myself. I’ve seen some Indian artists play on a world platform and it’s really cool to see them get recognized for their work.



GVO: So OLA has launched a new campaign called “Peeke mat chalo”. We wanted to know your thoughts on the campaign.

Kygo: Well it’s definitely important to not drink and drive. Back in Norway, nobody drinks and drives. You can’t even drink a beer and drive. It’s super strict and I think it should be the same everywhere. You’re not only putting your own safety at risk but also the safety of others as well. So yeah I’m happy that such a campaign is in action today.


GVO: 2017 is almost coming to an end. So what would you pick as your top 5 songs of the year?

Kygo: One song that’s definitely on my list is Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’. It’s like the biggest song of the year. I usually play a remix of that in all my sets and everybody loves it. The other 4 I guess would be the song by Marshmello called ‘Silence’ which featured Khalid. Then there’s Illenium. He recently came out with a song called ‘Crawl out of love’ which I really like. ODEZA came out with a new album which I really like but one song I keep on repeat is ‘Boy’. That’s 4 tracks. One more which I would pick is Avicii’s ‘ Wiithout You’.


Arjun RK


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