Interview: French Reggae Band Dub Inc to Play at SulaFest

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Originally from Saint-Etienne in France’s industrial heartland, Dub Inc fuse classic roots reggae with dub, dancehall, ska, hip-hop and African influences. They create an intoxicating musical hybrid with highly charged and socially conscious songs which have earned them cult status in their native France. Since forming in 1997, Dub Inc have produced five studio albums, two EP’s and a live album. Their new album Paradise(2013, Diversité) perfectly embodies the potent combination of infectious energy, distinctive melody and engaged, combative lyrics. They’ve performed in India earlier and now the band is back, to perform at Sulafest ’16 on February 7 and this time around, they are offering four tracks for free download to their Indian fans. We at the Grapevine Online interviewed them for some unique insights.



G: How did you settle on Reggae as your core sound?
DubInc.: Reggae quickly became our favorite type of music, and our best way to express our social message. Jamaican music’s is definitely our biggest influence, even though our music includes many other flavors, such as hip-hop, world music, traditional sounds from Africa…

G: In a few words, what is music to all of you?
DubInc.: Music starts with our own heartbeat… It is something that we all have inside us, from the beginning of our life. So that ‘s probably why it creates so many emotions in each human being on this heart. So for us it’s the best way to express our feelings. And it’s not a question of what type of music… for us all kind of music is good, as long as it’s made from the heart…


G: What message are you trying to convey through your music?
DubInc.: We’ve always wanted to speak for the speechless… We think that we have the mission to denounce social problems, like racism, social inequalities, pollution, political corruption…

G: A lot of your lyrics are in French. Do you think you’ll cater well to a non-French speaking audience?
DubInc.: We have been touring outside of France since many years now, and we’ve quickly realized that language is not a problem, as music can be a language by itself… And we also have many songs that include English. During our shows, we explain in English to the audience the topic of each song so they can feel better about what we do. And it works very well. Most of the French artists think they can’t play outside of our country but they are wrong!



G: How do you like performing in India? Do you think you can accumulate a wide fan base here?
DubInc.: We don’t really calculate that… For us, it’s always great to try new experiences, and India is definitely a real human experience for a French band!!! Our cultures are so different that we dive in a new world! And that’s one of our goals: to spread to other people our vibrations, message, and ideas! We came to India for the first time three years ago, and it became one of our most incredible tour memories!

G: What Indian or International artists would you like to collaborate with?
DubInc.: During our first Indian tour, we’ve met a sound system band called Reggae Rajah’s. We became friends, and we are really excited to meet them again, cause they will also play in the festival. They came in Europe two years ago and we had the pleasure to meet them again in some festivals. We’re also open to meet any artist. We also love discovering new talents so much! And as India is a strong culture, we are 100% sure to find some great original artists there!



G: If you had to introduce your music to someone, which track would you recommend?
DubInc.: Not so easy to sum up Dub Inc in one song! I would better show them our last live DVD recorded in Paris last year, cause first they could have all the type of music’s we make, and they would also see the energy that we have on stage, and the exchanges we have with the audience. Cause that’s a real important thing with Dub Inc: the audience is a part of the band!

G: What country or stage would you like to perform at most where you haven’t already?
DubInc.: We really hope we’ll go to Japan one day, we know they love reggae there, cause we’ve met a lot of Japanese people in Jamaica… We’ve been to New York City to perform many times, but we never made a real IS tour, so we are working on that to. But honestly, each new country is always good to discover, and re-discover again and again. We live in such a beautiful world, full of nice people, cultures, foods, music… We generally only see the bad things in the media, but traveling is a great way to connect all these positive energies…


G: How has you music evolved over the years?
DubInc.: As musicians, we have gotten better… but as Dub Inc, the concept and style is the same: playing reggae music, without closing doors to influences of each of the seven musicians of the band. And that makes the special sound of Dub Inc!

G: What future plans for album releases and touring?
DubInc.: We are working on the recording of our next album. We just took a short break now to come to India, and then to Mexico in March… Then we’ll finish the album in our studio. We’ll do a summer European tour to announce the new album. The release will be in September, and then we’ll start a big world tour in October for at least two years…



Shivani Goel

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