GVO Interview: Anish Sood Spills The Beans About His Debut Album, Favourite Festivals, & More

Posted at November 2nd, 2017 | by Shivani Goel | in Dance Music, Entertainment, Featured, Homegrown Artists, Interviews

One of India’s most well-known and loved dance music producers, Anish Sood, recently took to social media to tell us that the biggest announcement of his career is going to drop soon. When such an industry stalwart puts out news like this then we’re super keen to find out what it might be! Turns out, Anish is releasing his debut studio album with 8 tracks in February 2018, and we caught up with him to find out more!



GVO: So you’re releasing your debut studio album soon. How does it feel to reach this milestone in your career?

Anish: Very exciting! Ever since I started producing music 9 years ago, writing a studio album has been a dream and I’m really happy with the way the entire album sounds. I’m also proud of the fact that the album is fully independent and will be released through my label Class Action, and it’ll be available on all music platforms!



GVO: Tell us about the album; the vibe, the collaborators, the inspiration behind it?

Anish: The album draws heavily from my teenage years when I was listening to a lot of jazz, rock and pop. When I decided it was finally time to write an album I wanted a fresh unique sound and exceptional songwriting. Hence I temporarily moved base to Los Angeles with absolutely no expectations or pre-conceived ideas. I then got to work with some of the best talent and I’m really happy with the end result. While the primary genre is house, the album also embraces pop, funk, disco and techno elements.



Most of the collaborators are established singer-songwriters based in and around Los Angeles. The first thing that struck me when I started working in the studio with them is how professional and committed they all are. Some of the tracks took barely two hours to finish and that’s exactly how I like to work as well, if the writing process drags on for too long it’s going to sound like a forced product. The two lead collaborators on the album are Zach Sorgen and TRISHES. Zach is a very gifted songwriter with a great voice and has already put out a couple of big records with Slander and Bobby Puma. The first thing I noticed about TRISHES was the depth of her writing and vocal range. She sounds very Lana Del Ray-esque and her live set involves very cool live looping as well.



GVO: If you had to introduce someone new to your music, what song would you select?

Anish: Don’t Stop.



GVO: What has been your most memorable show till date?

Anish: David Guetta in Pune, March 2012. It was my first big arena show, I was incredibly nervous and I still remember that set so vividly.



GVO: Name one arena/festival/club you’d like to perform at, that you haven’t already?

Anish: Definitely Coachella. There’s something so magical about that festival!



GVO: Top songs that you can’t stop listening to at the moment?

Anish: Tove Lo – Disco Tits
CamelPhat, Elderbrook – Cola



GVO: What would be your dream B2B with any person living/dead?

Anish: Maybe The Chemical Brothers? That would be very interesting!


GVO: How do you deal with the copious amounts of female attention you get?

Anish: I’m always super happy to hang out and meet all my fans. If you ever see me please come say hello!



GVO: The best concert/festival/gig that you’ve ever attended?

Anish: Coachella again. The sheer scale and diversity of acts as well as attention to detail blows you away. Also Cali sunshine is addictive 🙂



GVO: One thing you would change about the Indian music industry if you could?

Anish: Get people to start buying tickets in advance. It would give artists SO much more freedom to produce a better show and in the end everybody wins.



GVO: Some upcoming DJ/producers that you think deserve some spotlight?

Anish: There’s so much great music coming out of India right now, I think Sequ3l and Ritviz are two really talented producers.


GVO: The nicest thing a fan has ever done for you?

Anish: A few years back I was playing a gig a week before my birthday and after the show a few fans came over with a cake and candles and took me totally by surprise.


Shivani Goel

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