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Sanjoy Deb, known popularly as Sanjoy is an upcoming DJ/ Music Producer of Bangladeshi-American origin. He has a wide variety of influences ranging from dubstep to Bollywood, and he began his career in California. He is most well known for his collaboration with Sunidhi Chauhan and just released a track with Benny Dayal. We interviewed this rising star to get the latest scoop on him.


G: Who is your biggest inspiration?

Sanjoy: My parents are my biggest inspirations who sacrificed everything to give me a better life. Musically, I am inspired by Skrillex, Calvin Harris, A R Rahman, Avicii and some of the people on my album 😉

G: Who influenced you to start your career in your early days?

Sanjoy: My mom was a singer, she put me in Tabla, Drums and Indian Classical lessons at a when I was 3 years old! I moved to the U.S. when I was 11 years old I wanted to do more with music and I always had a knack for creating melodies and songs in my head. I was gifted a laptop for my 14th birthday and started exploring into softwares. Fell in love with Propellerheads Reason and that has been my way of self expression ever since.


G: If I ask you to compare EDM scene in India and abroad, what would you say?

Sanjoy: EDM is growing massively in India. It’s amazing! The Internet is definitely changing things even faster now. All kinds of records are really easy to access now and people are latching on to good electronic music. It is especially exciting for me, because I am going to bring my sound and influences from all of the place and channel it here.

G: Who would you like to collaborate with?

Sanjoy: Shoot man! A lot of people on that list still! The dream would be Rahman, Calvin Harris & Skrillex.

G: Best 3 artists in India according to you?

Sanjoy: Salim Merchant, Pritam and Imran Khan / Eren E’s music

G: How did the collab with Benny Dayal come through?

Sanjoy: I first produced the rough idea of the track! Always wanted to make a funky 80s inspired track with a modern touch to it. Stephen and Natalie sent me some scratch vocals. I’ve been an avid follower of Benny because he has the soul and edginess to his voice. I thought he would be a perfect fit and my executive producer Kunal Agarwal hit him up with the track. He was down! We did a remote recording session when he was in New York. One of the most amazing male vocals I’ve heard on a dance track thus far.

G: Are you Influenced by Indian Music or Do you use a few Desi sounds while producing?

Sanjoy: When creating melodies I am definitely influenced by Indian Music. It is so rich and diverse. While producing, if the track requires it, I bring in some desi sounds. You’ll hear some of those tracks later this year. However, I don’t like to force the Indian sounds in my music just to sound exotic. I think that’s a mistake a lot of producers make to have an identifiable sound but people get tired of that easily if it’s not done right.

G: What more can we expect in Future?

Sanjoy: This year you’re gonna hear/see about 12 new releases from me. I am going to be everywhere in your lives ;). No seriously though, I worked my ass off the past two years just creating music. Hope to bring forward the cool collaborations and some epic music and I hope everyone supports my dream.


Shivani Goel

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