How Beyonce's 'Lemonade' is Saving Jay-Z's 'Tidal'

Posted at May 2nd, 2016 | by Shivani Goel | in

Beyoncé‘s much talked about latest album “Lemonade” is based on the challenges of monogamous love and in her case it involves being married to industry tycoon Jay Z. It was launched through Tidal, which is music streaming service controlled conveniently by Jay Z, and the album is all about infidelities and betrayals, ending with a slight hint towards forgiveness. Along with the release, a stretched out HBO special was released with a brief appearance by a sombre Jay.

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It’s a lot of public shaming, the kind which attracts a lot of attention, and subsequently a lot of business as well. It seems as if pride was sacrificed to further the family business and it’s ironical that Jay Z‘s infidelity will lead him to making the most profit out of distribution of the album. Bey may be mad at her husband, but still loyal enough to make sure he earns a hefty bundle from her latest work, as you have to think long term of course. Also, there are 40+ writers involved in the making of the album, so how heartfelt these lyrics are is very questionable.

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Before the album’s release, as recently as on 20th April, Tidal wasn’t even within the top 500 apps in the American iOS charts and now after the album’s exclusive release on Tidal, it reached #1. This ascend was probably assisted by Prince’s recent death and his catalogue which is also only available for streaming on Tidal. Jay Z had purchased Tidal for 56 million dollars in 2015 and can now probably sell it for a lot more.

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The difficult part now is to stay in this position. Tidal had reached the top back in February when Kanye West‘s “The Life of Pablo” was exclusively released on it and West had promised on twitter that it will “never never never be on Apple.” Alas, it was there by April and Tidal fell back down to an undistinguished rank. Within 2 days of Lemonade’s launch, it’s available for digital download on iTunes but it’s priced at a sneakily higher rate than other such albums.

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Consumers are patiently waiting for it to release on other portals where they can access it for free and they are right to wait as Tidal simply doesn’t have such an all encompassing control over it’s music since there is a lot of power struggle with distinguished music labels like Sony. Either way, as of now rumours are that Tidal is earning approximately 3 million dollars a day off the album and even if it doesn’t last long, it’s definitely profitable.

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Shivani Goel

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