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Posted at July 9th, 2015 | by Sidhantha Jain | in Entertainment, Technology

If you believe Paris Hilton is a real DJ and think, artists just use headphones as a fashion accessory, then my friend you don’t belong here. Please redirect here.

Oh wait, before you leave, continue reading to know “Why do DJs use headphones?”

The answer is simple, Cueing!

Contrary to most beliefs, one of the main jobs a DJ is paid for is mixing two or more songs together (also to choose good music and understand the crowd). Technically, to mix songs seamlessly they must be at the same tempo and their beats must match or fall at the same time.

The current song plays over the main speakers that the crowd can hear. The DJ refers to his headphones to listen to this track with one ear and the other track that he wishes to mix in with the other ear. He then attempts to match the beats of the incoming song to the already playing song. All of this is done without the crowd hearing the new sound. Once they are matched then the volume is increased so that both tracks can be heard simultaneously.

But, in the mid 90’s people were able to play without using headphones in some situations. Reason being, most tracks had a similar structure and were also close enough in terms of speed, making it easy for DJs to mix them without cueing and using headphones.

Now, let’s get to the point, why in the first place you’re viewing this page, to know what headphones today’s Superstar DJs use!

Let’s begin,


⦁ Steve Aoki




Dim Mak’s boss is a cool guy. Ain’t he? It’s obvious his headphones are supposed to be cool too! Afroki’s latter half uses custom designed SOL Republic’s. It’s a brand new company, but Monster does their sound, so you can be rest assured of premium sound quality and bizarre price tag. He can be seen DJing with them at almost every venue and while producing also.


⦁ David Guetta




Dr. Dre collaborated with David Guetta and launched a new headphone model specially made for professional disc jockeys. The French DJ/Producer loves to use them both on and off stage as these have a compact form factor, its ear cups can rotate 180 degrees, facilitating portability and listening to live audio when mixing. Also because they look fancy.


⦁ Armin Van Buuren




Armin’s experience and professionalism, combined with Philips’ technical expertise, has given birth to the A5-PRO DJ headphones. Built of a robust black aluminium body these headphones can often be seen around the trance god during his live-shows and studio sessions.


⦁ Avicii


The Swede uses V-Moda Crossfades, which according to him “look good”. It’s difficult to get your hands on these exact ones as Avicii gets them custom fitted. Adding to, why he prefers them over other brands, he says “they’re the perfect mixture of style, quality, and performance. I use them both onstage and off, when I’m watching movies.” At least now we know he watches movies when he’s not working, touring or headlining at some big music festival.


⦁ Kaskade


Ryan Raddon has been using his Sony MDR-7506 for than 20 years now. The ‘Atmosphere’ artist describes its sound as “Amazing”. He loves this pair and can been using these workhorse of headphones almost everywhere!


⦁ Dillon Francis





If you didn’t know, this guy is one of the pioneers of Moombahton and just like most DJs he carries around a MacBook Pro to his office and live set ups, but follows a different road altogether when it comes to the brand of headphones. He chooses Audeze’s LCD-3 which have been called “the best in the world.” The top-end brand ensures that, “the sound is always musical, spacious, ultra-realistic, with powerful bass, a rich and engaging midrange, and a top end that pulls you into the music” (I just use mine they successfully play songs from my iPod and help me avoid awkward eye-contact while travelling in the metro). By the way, Zedd uses the same model.



⦁ Afrojack






Ferrari goodies bag


Did you know, after Afrojack crashed his brand new Ferrari 458 Italia within 45 minutes of buying it, he received a gift bag full of goodies, including some expensive-looking headphones from Ferrari? (Lucky guy) But Nick doesn’t seem to use them for any other purpose than recreational use as he’s mostly seen with Sennheiser HD 25-1 II Headphones during live shows.


⦁ Tiesto




The AKG K267 Headphones are one of three models available from the collection tuned by Tiesto and produced by AKG. They are the largest of the given set and the only one which Tiesto uses on stage during the shows and also when he works in the studio. His favourite features include the Dual Plug-In, smooth frequency response and their switchable bass boost which adds sub-bass frequencies for his live shows at large venues.



⦁ Calvin Harris




The Scottish DJ and record producer uses personally designed SOL Republic headphones when at the studio and otherwise too. Master Tracks XC come equipped with a rugged 6-foot long pro cable and a quarter-inch adapter that can be connected to soundboards and amps, laptops and smartphones. Engineered with FlexTech Technology, the Headbands are virtually indestructible and the Sound Engines have super-tight bass and low end to which the company claims “you’ll be amazed at how clear and present they are.”



⦁ Skrillex




Who doesn’t know this guy? Who the duck (damn autocorrect) on the planet can’t recognize these headphones? Skrillex has been seen wearing Beats Pro headphones both on stage and in the workroom. This expensive DJ equipment boasts to deliver your music the way it was originally heard by the artist in the studio and reproduce the kind of bass that resonates deep in your chest. Maybe that’s the reason Skrillex and Diplo, collectively known as Jack U use this Dr. Dre product (now Apple, but whatever) most of the times.



Know about any other DJ and his/her headphones? Comment below to share!

Sidhantha Jain

I love EDM, it loves me back. It pays for my food bills.


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