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It’s hard to believe that Hardwell has been DJing for more than a decade. At 27, the Dutch prodigy has practically done it all, from dominating the main stages of music festivals like Tomorrowland and Electric Daisy Carnival to claiming the No. 1 spot on the DJ  Magazine, twice! If you are a true EDManiac, then you must be familiar with every Hardwell sound, but do you know him as much as you know his music? So instead of plainly copy-pasting and regurgitating facts you might have already known, we bring to you some lesser known facts about our spaceman.

  • It is known fact that Tiësto and Hardwell are friends; however, not a lot of people know that they are from the same city in the Netherlands, Breda! Their first track they collaborated on together was called Zero 76 which is the code number for Breda and in 2015 the duo came back with another banger “Colors” which also featured on Hardwell’s debut album.
  • The name ‘Hardwell’ was invented by his father. He started using it when he was 12 years old. His father explains, his surname,Cor means ‘hart’ in Latin and Put literally means ‘well’ in Dutch. By combining these playful translations he thought of the name Hardwell!
  • Hardwell entered the DJ Mag top 100 at the same spot Tiësto did. When Tiësto’s DJ career took off, he sky rocketed to the top of the DJ Mag top 100 within 3 years. Hardwell did the exact same thing. Debuted at the 24th place, a year later taking the 6th place to become the new number 1 DJ in 2013!
  • Hardwell ghost produced a track that made it into the Beatport Top 10. Maarten Vorwerkclaimed he knew which track Hardwell worked on, but kept silent on any details. However, there was a theory that it was Thomas Newson’s “Pallaroid” but the speculations ended soon when Revealed Recordings tweeted that the track wasn’t released on his label So, there is no sure-shot evidence which song it was in particular!
  • From the age of 14-18, Hardwell had to take his parents with him into clubs because he was too young to enter the clubs alone when he was playing. He did his first tour through the Netherlands at the age of 14!
  • Hardwell started his own CD series called ‘Eclectic Beatz’ at the age of 18. These CD’s were pretty popular in the Netherlands, the CD’s featured tracks from artists such as Sidney Samon, Laidback Luke, but also tracks from himself like “Windmill“.
  • Hardwell is a secret Ninja! The Revealed Recording’s boss is skilled at Judo and Martial arts. As a teenager, when Hardwell wasn’t producing music or playing at clubs, he would spend his time polishing his ninja skills.

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