Guns N' Roses Tracks To Watch Out For At Their Reunion

Posted at January 27th, 2016 | by Aditya | in

After the news of Axl Rose and Slash coming together was made official, there has been a lot of fuss among the Guns N’ Roses fans. With a lot of excitement in our hearts, lets go back in time and peek into some of Axl Rose and Slash’s most loved tracks.

Welcome To The Jungle

The rulers from the 1980’s dropped their first hit under the album named Appetite for destruction. This marked their presence in the Rock and Roll era. With some bone bashing vocals from indiana born Axl Rose, the song took every rock and roll fan to a completely different level.

Sweet Child O’ Mine

Another bullet shot in the air that returned like more of an atomic bomb that took this universe by storm and gave an impression of what rock music actually is. You definitely need to watch out for this gem of a track.

Used To Love Her

In a mention by the Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash, this song was intended to show love for Axl Rose’s dog. But this track actually has something else that shows a lot of versitality that Guns n’ roses guitarist Slash exhibits. The amazing acoustic strumming will surely get you rocking and rolling baby.

Civil War

This song was firstly produced from an instrumental set made by Slash which further went on to become an eight minute roller coaster ride including some meaningful verses.
But then came Axl Rose’s lyrics which took this track to a different level with an amazing density added to it. Finally now when these two icons reunite we can surely get ready with our dancing shoes on.

November Rain

A rock track having piano tunes and lots of guitar strings is something you won’t see in the 90’s but Guns N’ Roses completely aced it even at that time. It turned out to be a huge success lately and as always Axl Rose’s lyrics and vocals rocked the song. With usual drums and heavy chorus it proved to be an amazing rock-n-rolla track.

Get ready for a heart pumping, head thumping and mind blowing reunion of Axl Rose and Slash, the rulers of rock straight from the 80’s.



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