GTA Talk About Their Debut Album & What's Next For Them

Posted at October 13th, 2016 | by Yash Vikram Singh | in

GTA are one of the many stalwarts in the Dance Music universe who aren’t tied down to a specific genre. Not being typecasts really gives them a sense of leeway in producing music the way they please to. They recently sat down with Dancing Astronaut as they near their album release and went into depth about how the sausage gets made.

“We don’t really have a plan when we go into the studio. We just go in and follow our instincts and whatever comes out, comes out! We have always liked the idea of making a longer more connected body of work that you can listen to from front to back. During our Goons Take America tour last year we had put together a little writing camp and met with some very talented writers/vocalists: Jarina De Marco, Karina, RKCB, & these guys Duo – Matt Cash & Nova. We started writing to all these different beats that we’ve been working on over the years. After touching up a few of these songs we started to realize we had a certain vibe going and we really loved it so we kept going for it!”

‘Good Times Ahead’ will be their debut studio album. They worked with a bunch of artists to consolidate this album. Artists like Tinashe & What So Not.

10177240_860620003963758_3438442355043433433_n“Man, everyone we worked with are so talented and definitely all changing things up in their own way. What So Not… I mean have you heard ‘Divide & Conquer?’ It’s incredible. Vince Staples with his ‘Prima Donna’ album! Tinashe slays everything she does. Wax Motif is an amazing friend. We love working with him. Tunji and IamSu! has been killing it on their stuff too. But we really wanted to give a big spotlight to all the up and comers on the album who are massively talented! The RKCB guys are so creative with their writing and their vocals! We love working with these guys. Jarina De Marco is also amazing! She speaks 4 languages and is so down to make anything just like us. Karina has such a beautiful voice! And two other writers that we worked with that helped so much are this production group, Duo, Matt Cash & Nova and also Stylaz Fuego from Australia on “Get It All”.

kaskade-deadmau5-move-for-me-gta-remixThe ‘Death to Genres’ vibe is off the charts with GTA and they’ve released 2 EPs and now, an album in about a year and it should be exhilarating to see what they have in store next:

“MORE MUSIC!! haha! We still have ALL these [collaborations] and crazy club/festival tracks that we still play in our sets that people have been asking for. We’re already finishing up another project that we’ll have to talk about later. The ‘Death to Genres’ mentality is more about us being able to produce/DJ whatever we want. We still hold on to that with all the different styles and tempos in the album.”

Listen to their debut album below.

Source: Dancing Astronaut

Yash Vikram Singh


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