Grapevine Find: Perpetual Motion People by Ezra Furman

Posted at August 20th, 2015 | by Kamakshi Bhat | in

American Indie rock Singer-Songwriter, Ezra Furman from Chicago is a musician who is as unique and special as his music. He currently performs solo and sometimes with his band Ezra Furman and the Harpoons.Gender neutral, bisexual and cross dresser, the unusual stuff for normal people and usual stuff for a rock singer maybe. He mentions it in his lyrics being, “They’ll never pin me down in the pages like a bug”, “We can’t fit in, so we head for the margins.”


His third solo EP, Perpetual Motion People is a genius album that has amazing vocals with saxophone music in the background. It’s the perfect blend of soul, indie rock an’ roll and folk. With tracks like “Can I sleep in your brain” and “haunted head” he continues the same theme as his earlier releases; the lyrics describe his personal struggles including mental illness and self-destruction.


The special or extraordinary thing about Perpetual Motion People or Ezra Furman really is that he wants everything to be unique and have a special sound it, like a sound never heard before and has too many ideas crammed into his head which come pouring out in this album. His is an album which will move you with its restless sound and energy. Any other singer might have ruined the album by putting so many ideas into one album, but Furman is far too clever and a great lyricist and musician for that.


In the track “Restless Year” he sings, “Making the rounds in my five dollar dress, I can’t go home though I’m not homeless” speaking like a fickle minded person who is never really thinking in one place. And in another track titled “Ordinary Life“, he hits right at the spot describing how ordinary life really is. He sings “There’s nothing happening, it’s happening too fast.” Which captures how life really is, one moment you think it’s all the same and you look back and everything has changed.
In the last track of his EP, “One Day I Will Sin No More” he sings “Never classify me, Don’t try.” Without a hint of contempt, or sarcasm, he sings it like he means it.Performing on the stage wearing lipstick, dresses and pearls, he is confident in his own skin in a world where everyone has tried to make him the opposite. That is something that attracts the audience, how true to himself and his music he is. Also, garnering over critical acclaims for his songwriting, he is an unstoppable force of nature now. Quirky, different, wonderful, unique, talented, he has all the qualities a musician needs to be a great musician, one who is remembered. And yet that does not seem like his goal at all. But try he may or may not, Perpetual Motion People is the most restless and wonderful tune you’ll find this year.


Kamakshi Bhat


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