Getter Gets Real In Latest Interview; Will Be Retiring As ‘Getter’ After Upcoming Album & Tour

Trap god Getter aka suh dude dude aka Pink Guy aka Terror Reid leads the line when it comes to freedom of expression and being his bold self 100% of the time. He really does march to the beat of his own  drum. His fluidity when it comes to making genres his bitch is one of the things that sets him apart from the rest.

He sat down with to discuss his ideals and well of course his tattoos. He talked about a lot of endearing details about what makes Getter so special. His artist collective & fresh new rap alter-ego lays it all on the line. He also revealed that he will be retiring Getter and focusing on the other aspects of his life as well as his music career. Check it out below.

Let’s lay it all on the line. I observed that you express yourself over your social media pages with zero remorse in a very bold and forward manner. Do you perceive that you have created a unique crowd and energy with your fans through expressing yourself so candidly?

Yeah, I’d like to think that it is getting there. A lot of people are fearful these days. I think that people take things way too seriously and they just need to take a step back and chill out. I hope that the people that do not get offended realize what I am doing and quit nit-picking every little thing that I do, you know?

Right. I feel as though those that are less vocal and forward hinder their own success in life. How were you first introduced to electronic music? Musically speaking, who has had an influence on your musical soundscapes?

Yeah, exactly. Well, a lot of my influences have changed. Back when I was in high school, I was a huge metalhead. I had a bunch of Metal bands with my friends. We didn’t play any shows, but we just wrote a few songs and no one would show up for practice so I decided to learn about producing electronic music and stuff. I sold all of my guitars. There was a lot of Post-Hardcore and local metal bands that I listened to at that time such as Knights of the Abyss and The Irish Front. After that, I got into a lot more of the technical stuff like The Faceless. Throughout that whole era, I got into how the guitar and the drums worked together and I brought an energy into what I was doing with Electronic music; everything has changed so much ever since then. I get inspiration from pretty much everything now.

It looks as though you are really dabbling into a variety of genres and even advancing creatively beyond music. I saw that you created a Rap alias out of yourself as Terror Reid. Do you feel as though you are attempting to take your experiences as a musician and explore another form of art at the time?

Yeah, I’m kind of trying to do everything right now. I need to take a step back from Electronic stuff for a little bit. I mean, I am still going to make Electronic music, but the scene in Electronic music is so weird. People are so weird and they are either fake or real, and you don’t know if they are actually real. I mean, I don’t even know if the whole Terror Reid thing is real. It sounds crazy, but there is a lot that happens on the inside that the fans do not see and I just want to check out all of the other markets. I want to be able to be stoked on my music. I don’t want my music to be a trend. I want replay value. I want people to listen to my music over and over again.

That’s awesome. Have there been specific ideas or techniques which opened up new creative possibilities for you?

Yeah. I feel that the more that I learn leads me toward being able to do it all on my own. The more that I research, the more that I can do. I find myself doing what one producer does with a bunch of people solely by myself, so I’m really just trying to get everything locked in so I can do whatever I want to do.

Good for you. Let’s talk tattoos. You’re getting a tattoo as we speak or getting a tattoo done today, correct?

Yeah, I’m on my way right now! I started a biomechanical sleeve on my right arm a while ago, and I go to Carson Hill who lives an hour and a half away from where I’m at in Lake Elsinore. I go to him every couple months to work on the piece, but I think that it will be close to being complete today.

That’s awesome! Do you have any other pieces that you want to share?

I am just filling up my whole body with random pieces. There’s not a lot of meaning behind any of it. I am getting more knuckle, chest, and neck work done soon.

Fantastic. If you can see your fans take away anything from a Getter show, what would it be?

Life isn’t that hard. Stop taking everything so seriously. I am sick of experiencing how people think that people are superior if you have more followers or you do something that they are not doing. I just want people to just realize that we are all a part of the human species, and it’s just that some of us know how to do things better. I just want people to realize who they are.

I like that. Any up and coming artists that you want to put on the map and give a shout-out to?

Yeah. The Underground Hip-Hop culture throughout the country is crazy right now. There are so many people that are just taking over Soundcloud. My homies, Volumes, are super good friends of mine and have been working on their album for awhile. They are super good.

Yeah, it absolutely was. Last but certainly not least, any closing messages for your fans?

I have my last album and last tour for a bit coming up toward the end of the year, and I have a Metal album coming out toward the end of the year. I just want everyone to stop taking life so seriously.

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