Gareth Emery Is Quitting Social Media To Focus On Music

Posted at August 22nd, 2016 | by Yash Vikram Singh | in

Gareth Emery has decided to distance himself from any kind of social media for the foreseeable future. He left a lengthy message on his Facebook page explaining his precarious decision.

Emery focused on the fact that DJs these days have their heads glued to their mobile phones more that their consoles. “Making music has too often taken a back seat being an online personality.” Emery said.

The English producer thinks that instead of wasting his time on social media he can spend that time on grinding out more tracks like ‘Concrete Angel’ or ‘Long Way Along’. He will be handing over the reigns of his social media to his manager, Sergei.

Check out the post below.

It’s time for me to start using a ghost producer.

… for my social media.

I’m giving up my iPhone for a few months, quitting all social media, and going full 1990s by returning to a basic Blackberry that only makes calls.


Because I chose this life for two reasons: to make music and to play music.

I never was interested in being a social media celebrity or influencer or whatever but making music has too often taken a back seat being an online personality.

A large chunk of my time will always be reserved for family, and that time is non-negotiable, but I’ve had to think seriously about how I spend the rest of my time each day.

Do I want to be the guy who made music that people still were listening to after he was dead?

Or the dude who posted many immaculately edited picture of his meals which got tons of likes but were old news before he’d even shat them out.

For me the answer is music so I am consciously choosing to go ‘all in’ on music and spend every bit of my available time there. Because I believe that’s my reason for being on this planet: rather than being yet another DJ version of the Kardashians oversharing every banal detail of my life.

And because if I manage to write another 10 tracks like Long Way Home or Concrete Angel that’s probably going to do more good than every Instagram post I’ve ever done.

(Other benefits of kicking socials include less distractions when being a parent, being more present with the world around me, and being able to re-engage with other neglected life skills like reading books).

Of course my accounts will still be active. I know they’re how you hear about new music, see where I’m playing etc, and more importantly, they’re where you let us know when something needs fixing, when we failed to deliver your merch order, or didn’t notice scalpers were ripping off real fans. These are important things which need to be listening to.

So I’m going to leave things in the hands of Sergei on my management team. He’s been handling things when I’ve been traveling for a while anyway and he’ll do a great job at the wheel.

I have no idea how quitting social media will change my life or career, and there’s a good chance I’ll miss it and will be back before long.

But I hope you understand why I want to try.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Much love,

Gaz xx”

Yash Vikram Singh


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