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A popular trend among artists over the years in the electronic dance music industry is to sport a headgear or disguise of sorts . It could either be a way to maintain the guise of anonymity or even just as a publicity stunt , but whatever the case , the fans love it .

One such masked duo in the music industry are the 2 Faced Funks . With over 10 years of experience in the EDM industry , these Dutch DJs have performed at some of the biggest music festivals like Tomorrowland as well as released music under some of the best record labels too. During their visit to India for a recent festival , CULTURA , we managed to catch up with them for a short interview.

GVO : Could you give us an insight into your iconic masks ? How it started and Why the idea behind wearing masks ?

2FF: It all started off as a joke actually . A few years ago , we wanted to do something different where no one would recognize us at first sight , but that changed a bit and these days we take them off as well . So we came up with the colour at like an event we had where the theme was Pink , Black and White . And the masks were made by a guy from Netherlands who works on a lot of TV shows . Infact he worked for designs for the Lord Of The Rings as well .

GVO : Why did you’ll decide to move away from the mysterious vibe and take off the masks during performances ?

2FF: Well the thing is the crowd always likes it when something mysterious comes out but at the same time they enjoy when the DJ enjoys himself at the same time .So now we have both combined together in one set basically and its cool cause if you play for example for one and a half hours , and you take the masks off , half way , you can basically start over again with some small intro and interact with the crowd in the first 45 minutes , so its better for the energy and for the crowd and finally ends up with a bang .

GVO : Do youll have a pre gig rituals of any sort ?

2FF: Yeh in the DJ booth we wish each other luck , but obviously with the masks since we cant talk , we have a small routine which goes something like this *fist bumps* .

GVO : How would you like to describe your style of music ?

2FF: We dont particularly have one kind of music . Well of course we play Electronic Dance Music which varies from progressive to electro to even trap music and housy funky vibes too.

GVO : Based on your past few experiences here in India ,how would you like to describe the music scene here ?

2FF: Well its funny as I was actually talking to an Indian yesterday about this and its funny to see that India is currently where the Unites States were like 6 years ago , when the whole EDM scene exploded . And you can see that in the Indian clubs , people are full of energy and they come to a festival just for the music and thats amazing to see. Thats something that we as Dutchies really appreciate . So , I would say that although Indian , in a sense , are lagging behind  places like Holland and the States , but its getting there so fast now and all the people are really getting influenced by all the styles which come from other countries , so its booming here. Thats why its so much fun to play here in India.

GVO : My personal favorite tracks of yours are Attack and PowerBass , which track among your own productions really stands out to you’ll ?

2FF: I think our our most original track is Underdog as it was the fresh thing at the moment and even Hardwell was talking about it (during its release) .

GVO : How was your experience working under Armada ?

2FF: Oh we did a label there a couple of years ago and it was great . But the thing is its also nice to be free as an artist and it has its pros and cons . Infact I was talking to a Dutch DJ sometime back and he said its good to release your tracks under several different labels , so you can pick all the crowds and all the fan bases from those certain labels . If your stuck to one label , only the crowd that follows that label on social media for instance gets to listen to your music . But then again there are some labels that are so huge that it dosent really matter any more. So to sum things up , although you will get feedback from fans listening to your music , the label cannot make as much income from you as they would from artists with a 360 deal .

GVO : Any message you would like to give to our Indian fans out there ?

2FF: First of all , A huge thanks to everyone here in Bangalore . It was amazing yesterday ( Cultura 2017 ) . Our first tour of India was in September , where we went to Delhi , Pune and Indore and those too were three amazing cities with great people , we made a lot of new friends and we are definitely looking forward to being back . Also do keep up the good work and the energy levels high as always and I think India is getting there .

Karan Acharya

Exceptionally passionate about music especially Electronic Dance Music. Freelance Disc-Jockey. Actively involved in Sports and Dramatics as well


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