G Interview: With Enchanted Valley Carnival Headliner, Alan Walker

Posted at December 1st, 2016 | by Yash Vikram Singh | in Grapevine

We got the chance to speak with Alan Walker on the verge of his debut performance in India and he gave us some insight into his life. We got the Norwegian luminary to promulgate on a number of topics. His favourite musicians, what he has lined up for next year, multi-city India tour, & possible collaboration with Indian artists; it’s all in there. Check it out below.

Yash: Hey Alan, how are you doing today?

Alan: I’m doing good, thanks.

Yash: Everybody in India is really stoked for your debut performance here. Do you mind telling us what we can expect from your set at EVC?

Alan: Some new music. Some of my favourite tracks actually that I’m really into. It should be a pretty cool experience for all of us.

Yash: Alright. So I think this particular question has been on our minds for a quite a while, why are you always in a hood?

Alan: I’m always wearing a hoodie & a mask to give the artist a unique and a mysterious artist image. It makes ‘Alan Walker’ distinct in people’s mind.

Always wearing a hood and a mask!

Yash: Well, it looks good! Anyway, so Faded your biggest track yet is already clocked in at 800 million views on YouTube. For most artists that’s the track of a whole career so can you shed some light on how did you make it happen. From when you uploaded ‘Fade’ at NCS up until now.

Alan: Ever since I produced ‘Fade’ it has been a mad record and an amazing experience. If you look at the views, ‘Faded’ is remarkable and I couldn’t be more thankful because it’s so hard to do that and you know I’m just thankful for the love and support that my fans have shown and I’m really looking forward to producing as well.

Yash: If you could collaborate with any producer on the planet, who would they be?

Alan: If I could work with any producer in the world I would probably collaborate with Hans Zimmer.

Yash: 2016 has been great for you and you’ve really accomplished so much, what do you have planned for 2017 and how are you planning to top it as compared to this year?

Alan: So far we are in the middle of planning 2017 and 2016 has been a really, really amazing year and it’s going really fast and I’m looking forward to 2017. Just compose more tracks and connect with the audience that I reach out to. I think 2017 is going to be an amazing year.

Yash: I think so too. You have such an unbelievable fan base in India but can we expect a multi-city tour soon? I’m sure the people attending EVC are pretty pleased but can the other cities expect something soon?

Alan: Well, this is the first time I’m coming to India and I’m excited for EVC. I would love to comeback to India anytime soon because I think India is one of my biggest fan bases. I think EVC will be remarkable so I’m looking forward to that.

Yash: Yes, a lot of people love your music here. It’s all changing so fast at such a young age for you, how do you keep track of what’s falling off your plate and just have a firm hold of our life. I mean just a while ago you were finishing school and now you have one of the biggest DJs in the business remixing your tracks.

Alan: To have the opportunity to work on music, on a full time schedule is something I never really imagined will happen and now I’m grateful as not so many people have this opportunity. I would say my life has been great as not so long ago I was in school and I’ve learned a lot since then. It fun but it also requires a lot of motivation and energy.

Alan Walker joining Tiesto on stage at Tomorrowland

Alan Walker joining Tiesto on stage at Tomorrowland

Yash: You’re coming to India for the very first time, what is your take on the music scene out here?

Alan: So far I think the Dance Music scene in India is progressing pretty rapidly. I think it’s evolving and I think it’s pretty cool. I even got the opportunity to come to India and be a part of the journey and that’s really cool.

Yash: Any artist in India who’s music you are familiar with or would like to collaborate with in the future?

Alan: I really like the touch Indian producers have and specifically I really like Lost Stories they remixed my track ‘Faded’ I think which was pretty awesome, they will also be joining me at EVC. I think a possible collaboration would be cool as well.

Yash: What would you like to say to the young producers who are adamant with having a music career such as yourself?

Alan: If there’s a young person who wants to start off with making music I would say that anyone can make music and it’s just about how much time you’re willing to put in and how much patience you have. You should be able to work on your music for years and work along with your side project as well. I would really recommend anyone to start working with music because it’s just a magical experience. It’s all about working hard and believing in yourself and I think anyone is capable of turning producing music into a successful career.

Yash: Apart from hosting an exquisite show EVC is also the largest campsite in India with loads of activities for you to spend time with so while you’re there would you be willing to indulge in any kind of adventure experiences?

Alan: Yes, that would be nice and if I have some free time I would love to do that.

Yash: Alright Alan, it’s been nice talking with you and all of us here at Grapevine are really excited about your performance at EVC next month hope to see you there. Goodbye.

Alan: Yes, it’s been great speaking with you as well. Thank you and goodbye.

Catch Alan Walker playing live at EVC 2016 next month. Visit evc.co.in for ticket info and further details.

Yash Vikram Singh


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