The “Flag Girl” From India At Tomorrowland

Posted at July 5th, 2018 | by Guest Writer | in Entertainment, Featured, Grapevine

What started as a dream, became a hobby, turned into a passion, and is now her religion. A lady, hailing from a cluster of simple family backgrounds in Gurgaon, India, embarked on a journey that many digitally dwelling platforms might not pay immediate attention to. What she did may not sound as an accomplishment to many, but for those trying to marry any of their two interests, she leads by example.

Meet Akanksha Goyal, a young entrepreneur in the communication design domain, who is in pursuit of putting her two passion fruits – music and design – in the same basket. She set out to mark her attendance at one of the most revered festivals in the dance music world – Tomorrowland. The festival is known for its nature-centric, thematically abstract production setups, meticulously curated stages by artists right from Carl Cox to Laidback Luke to Afrojack, bustling live YouTube streams and instantly charting at the top of every electronic dance music lover’s bucket list.



If your current thoughts can be read correctly, those might sound like “why her,” “she’s just another girl, bro,” “pfft, she’s not even the first Indian to go there.” While those might be all legit, this account would like to introduce you to a lens of a visualizer, who translates her inspiration from numerous sonic sources on a regular, and with a stroke of luck had an epiphany of a lifetime.



“I thought of sending in my entry for the Golden Ticket to Tomorrowland. Given it is an extremely popular competition, I was not hoping much, but hey that’s the fun part of such competitions, the surprise element to be exact. I never won the competition, but the desire to attend it grew even more now that I had set my eyes on it. Music has this passion-inducing spell on me, and it pulled me right towards itself,” says Akanksha, before taking the unique road to the festival, both literally and figuratively.



“Tomorrowland is itself a huge community of dance music lovers, and thanks to the natural course, it has spun off so many international communities on digital social platforms. I happen to dabble into one of those, just for kicks by the way, and then I saw a reveler on the community seeking recommendations on good wearable art. It felt like I found a calling there. As quickly as possible, I designed some custom logos just to add to the pool of good vibes that community is. I was advised to charge a nominal fee for my efforts, which is an occupational hazard, to be frank, but what are we if there is no sign of random acts of goodness from within, eh? So I did what I do best and only good things snowballed from there.

I got so much love from everybody that new connections started sending in their requests for good wearable art too. The elation was here to stay from that point on. This really empowering, constructive energy started flowing to me from people around the world. I’m lost for words to express it properly, but it is one of a kind spiritual experience if I can put it that way,” she adds.



Akanksha instantly became a sensation among the revelers, who met her and greeted her at the festival with affection and respect. The Flag Girl, as they called her, was easy to spot out of more 1,85,000 people from approximately 75 countries. Goes without saying how though, but if you’re still scratching your head, she was ‘that one girl from India who was wearing one of those custom logos in Indian tricolours’. Patriotism, representation, empowerment, and achievement of something more than just a Golden Ticket blended together in these moments like never before. One simply can’t ask for more.



In India, we’re proud to say that no matter how old we get, taking permission from our parents to do something different, that too alone, has its own charm. It’s just not about plain consent, it’s a package of blessings, faith, understanding and collective happiness. It is extremely beautiful if you’re doing it right with the right intent and perspective. For Akanksha, this package went into the making right after her trip to the Ultra Music Festival, which was with her family-like friends, which in turn tells that her family was reassured about her safety. It is not about male or female, bad things don’t ask for your gender before happening to you.



It is about the level of understanding and responsibility one is expected to possess while you’re on your own. And if you have company that is much more reliable and is aware of the idea of partying intelligently and respectfully, even the trouble gets scared of you. Akanksha set it right and straight for herself, which is another feather in her cap. She, addressing her family’s concerns very gracefully, went on a solo trip overseas and set an example for the people longing to go festivals but are susceptible to rash and rebellious behaviour if turned down by their kin. Little did any of them know that she would be welcomed by a set of complete strangers, or, well, strangers from the interwebs, who would make her feel home, like her own family.

From a simple loss in a competition to a random act of kindness to garnering love from around the world, Akanksha’s journey becomes an exemplary tale of how universe sends good things to you when you set things in harmony with only peace, love, unity, and respect in your heart.

By Siddharth Patel.

Guest Writer


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