The Evolution Of Hyderabad's Music Scene

Posted at July 1st, 2016 | by Shivani Goel | in Grapevine

Passport.. Treasure Island.. Sparks.. These are some names that would ring a bell if you had witnessed the dawn of dance music in Hyderabad a decade of more ago. The city has always been basking in the glory of top notch music with renowned artists making multiple visits. What set the city apart was a staunch support of music which had a global identity. What we see now is a result if collective effort from every aspect of the industry. Be it DJs, Artists, Club Owner, Promoters and of course the audience. There was a time when one had dilemma choosing which club to head out on a Saturday, thanks to multiple artists slated to play in a single weekend.


Dakta Dub

Much has changed now, and for better. The city of Hyderabad is undoubtedly one of the most happening cities in India with major events choosing the city on its calendar. With the presence of numerous talented artists, producers, DJs releasing their tracks, collaborating with international artists, getting signed-up on international record labels, one can safely say, Hyderabad is the hotbed of Dance Music. Prime reason for this growth and prosperity is the unified attitude towards making the scene better. There are promoters who have put in years of passionate effort to build the scene. There are artists who have spent hundreds of hours honing their skills in the studio putting together a signature sound. There are buddying artists who have shown utmost talent despite having spent 2-3 in the industry. These aspects are what makes the city different.

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Genres and sub-genres of Dance Music was never a hindrance when it comes to the presence of it. Someone like Dakta Dub who has years of dedication for the Bass and Reggae has been relentlessly pushing the sounds through various medium. What has set him apart is his innovative approach and sheer passion. When we talk about Techno, needless to say Murthovic is the name to reckon. Been there for couple of decades, one of the first DJs from the city carrying monumental experience and creativity. One just can’t tie this man down to a genre. Having said that, he signature flavour in the Techno space has created a unique blend. Today, Murthovic is one of the most sought after artist across the country. Ajay Joseph – Someone who has not only seen the scene grow but has also made immense contribution growing it for the city. Fondly called as Ajju, Ajay Joseph is one of the most respected name in the city. One can’t just ignore S-Pot aka Steve Diaz who has mentored some of the biggest DJs in India and now calls Hyderabad his home. Working on multiple projects and released his music on international labels, Steve has been putting together some of the best underground gigs. Then there is Yogi, who is simply known for his experimental sounds, and Shashank Kakum, a staple in the music industry of Hyderabad.


Phalguna Somraj

Aardy – One of the most understated artist is a globetrotter having played in massive platforms like ADE in Amsterdam, Sonar Festival in Barcelona , BPM festival in Mexico. He is also on the Hall Of Fame in Glow – Bangkok. He recently released his EP on Hyrdrozoa getting them playlisted by some of the biggest Techno artists around the world. You have some incredible producers like Phalguna Somraj – a city veteran with multiple releases on big labels like Mistique Music. Having collaborated with some of the biggest progressive artists, Phalgun has been climbing the charts. Aryan Sharma – a seasoned DJ who has been making waves with some marvellous releases recently is one of the most versatile artist in the city. Then you have someone like Tatsama – the man who doesn’t talk much about his music and rather let his music do the talking. Having released multiple tracks on some of the finest record labels worldwide, Tatsama is certainly one of the most talented artists around. Then you the duo BETWEEN US (Midnight Traffic + DJ ABHISHEK) forging ahead as one of the most formidable combo in the country now. Midnight Traffic aka Rishi has made it into the world attention, thanks to his releases which has been charted and played by some of the biggest artists. Anees aka Paranoid – Having won India’s Number 1 Trance DJ award by My Fav DJ, Dj Anees has been consistently shuffling between his varied sounds. Uttam – the man who could be termed understated won’t be unfair. Having played in some of the hottest venues outside India to owning a plush club property in Goa, Uttam has done quite an amazing contribution. Then you have Ram Sagar – surely the best Drum & Bass artist in the city today. Woman Power is quite evident with DJ AYESHA – one of the most well-known artists in India shifting her base to Hyderabad. Ayesha’s contribution to the music itself is astounding. She is quite a traveller with multiple gigs getting lined-up through the week. Then you have Nephra – the artist with dual life of Corporate role and a marvellous artist behind the decks who was rated as one of the Top-9 female artists to look forward to in India. Also, there is DJ Kan-i, who has won Best Hip-Hop DJ at the My Fav Awards 3 years in a row. Kan-i has performed across the globe and is a mastermind on the turntables!



If one has to list down all the names, it would probably run into hundreds of pages. And that’s what makes the city special. One has to see the support extended by the clubs in Hyderabad. This is probably the only city where you would find clubs celebrating 10 years of existence. B&C, TDS has the test of time and supported music all through.

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DJ Kan-i

Shivani Goel

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