Electric Daisy Carnival Is Coming To India

Supreet Cheema 0

First Sensation then MDBP then DLDK and now Electric Daisy Carnival will be making its India Debut soon. Insomniac founder Pasquele Rotella confirmed plans to bring Electric Daisy Carnival to India next year in a recent interview with CNBC. In the interview, Rotella offered his insights on what drives the raving business and said that he’ll be bringing the flagship festival to UK, Japan and India in 2017. Yes, India will soon get to witness the magic and madness of one of the best dance music festivals around the world.

Talking about music festivals, the interviewer asked Rotella “How do we know this isn’t a fad?” to which he replied “Festivals aren’t going anywhere. We’re growing every day. Not just in the United States, but we’re growing internationally. Our 20 year anniversary is in 5 weeks in Vegas, and we’re already thinking about the next 10 years. What we’re going to be doing and how we’re going to use technology to enhance the experience – it’s an exciting time for festivals.” 

Supreet Cheema

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