Your Favourite DJs Before They Became Famous

Posted at April 29th, 2015 | by Karan Acharya | in Dance Music, Entertainment

Most of us love rummaging through those photo albums and laugh about how embarrassing those baby photos of ours look. Fortunately most of us (for once) aren’t as famous as our favourite DJs to have our photos displayed on the internet. With the internet exploding with rather interesting picture of various Djs, Grapevine has decided to consolidate the top 10 pictures that will surely leave you intrigued.


Deadmau5 – Joel Thomas Zimmerman

Before all the fame and money, Zimmerman was a rather eccentric lad who had a knack for electronics, animation and web design. He was inspired by the carcass of a frozen rodent that he found in a computer he had constructed and soon adopted a mask/helmet to support the name Deadmau5 (pronounced “dead mouse”).


Steve Aoki – Steven Hiroyuki

Steve Aoki’s life, before all the Cake throwing and Champagne spraying, was far more different. Aoki was big into the punk rock scene as a kid and was vocalist for This Machine Kills from 1997 to 2000. After splitting from the band, he moved on to Hip-Hop Djing and soon went on to production.


Skrillex – Sunny Moore

As seen from the picture, Sunny Moore sported an emo look from a pretty young age. He found his calling in a band by the name of “From First To Last”, and they eventually signed a $1.5 million deal with EMI Records. Later he ended up pursuing his solo career in 2007 and from then on things took off.


Krewella – Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf

In June 2010, the two sisters decided to dedicate all their life and effort to their biggest passion – Singing, writing and producing music. Who would have thought that these shy, precious little girls would go on to become one of the most sought after EDM and punk rock performers.


Nervo – Olivia and Miriam Nervo

Yet another dynamic sister duo is the Nervo sisters. The identical twin sisters were brimming with talent from a young age itself. They were musicians, models, and songwriters before becoming superstar DJs.


David Guetta – Pierre David Guetta

The ever famous David Guetta was born in 1967 and has had an unthinkable 30 year experience in the EDM industry. This veteran started off small in France during his teenage life and slowly went on to perform his own club nights . His career, from then on escalated and he is regarded as one of the top DJs till date.


Armin van Buuren

Easily regarded as one of the legends of trance music, AVB was always driven by his relentless passion for music. It is this quality that got him the #1 DJ spot for years on end.


Tiesto – Tijs Michiel Verwest 


Another highly underrated, Tiesto has been into Djing and music productions before several of the current top DJs were even born. He started off as Da Joker, were he was into spinning some hard core rocking beats. He then shifted to Trance and this made him the renowned King of Trance. Over the years he has constantly been varying his music style to appeal to various masses and this reinstates his massive fan base.


Avicii – Tim Bergling

Born on 8 September 1989 in Sweden, Tim Bergling like his school classmate Otto Jettman (Otto Knows) began remixing and producing tracks in his own bedroom by the age of 18. This wonder kid took the world by storm with his composition “Levels” and soon after was producing various chart topping tracks .


Calvin Harris – Adam Richard Wiles

Early life was rather tough for Adam Wiles, for he was a working at a grocery chain after having dropped out of college and had virtually given up hopes on music production. Now, he is one of the top earning DJs in the EDM sector.

Karan Acharya

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