Deadmau5's 10 Most Epic Twitter Wars

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Last month, Deadmau5 (pronounced as Dead-Mouse, thank you) was in the news for using his Twitter to chide away David Guetta, after a video surfaced of his party at ‘Pacha, Ibiza’ exhibiting live horses and dancers wearing Native American headdresses.





As you can make out, he isn’t afraid of anyone in person or on the internet, not even the folks at Twitter (who can apparently block him), when it comes speaking his mind out. Therefore, with a loud mouth, he often gets into rants with other celebrities and provides sites like ours to cover more news articles!


We went back into time and rounded up 10 best Twitter quarrels involving Joel Zimmerman and his buddies!


Deadmau5 Vs. Martin Garrix

Joel is one of the top earning DJs in the world and supposedly hates people who use “free” versions of computer programs. One of the brightest examples to prove it; is his chain of tweets targeted at Martin Garrix for the use of a pirated copy of some music software!
Deadmau5 launched his initial Tweet asking how much the ‘Animal’ is paid for a show:



With the follow up video of “Martin Garrix in the Studio” demonstrating him using a pirated version of FL Studio.


Near the 2:45 mark, the text “Licensed to Team Air,” a name synonymous to hacked music production programs, is seen just above the synth keys in the window that pops up.

Deadmau5, being the nice guy that he is posted discounted software deals online for him:




Deadmau5 Vs. Krewella

Ultra Music Festival, Miami generally kicks off the dance music season and is responsible for some of the most interesting news pieces like underground producers premiering unheard original productions, Hardwell breaking the Twitter bandwidth, and unforgettable social media drama involving Deadmau5!
During the 2015 edition of Krewella’s UMF performance Mau5 accused the Pak-sisters of “acting” the whole time. He took to Twitter with a sarcastic remark:





Krew expressed their gratitude towards the troll-master, and got back with photographic evidence that the equipment was actually plugged in:



Deadmau5 as we know isn’t the one who gives up easily, so he kept going despite his apparent mistake:



A good one though:






However, this isn’t the first time he got into a Twitter-feud with Krewella. In 2014, when Rain Man sued the Yousaf sisters for 5 million dollars, claiming he was wrongfully removed from the trio, Jahan Yousaf wrote an article relating to the matter and about how deadmau5 saved her from ‘going into porn‘. I guess she didn’t expect deadmau5 to respond with the following series of tweets:












Deadmau5 Vs. Pauly D

It seems Mau wasn’t much impressed by Pauly D’s video of ‘Night of My Life,’ as he called it ‘garbage’ when the Jersey Shore fame DJ, asked his followers in general, “So how do you like the video?”




By the way, his video is just like any other ‘Party all night’ scene, following the DJ from gig to gig, half naked bodies dancing randomly, confetti and champagne flying everywhere and ‘ D’ hanging around with his friends and meeting fans.
Back to the story, Pauly didn’t let the jab go unanswered, and came up with:



Like any other Twitter beef featured here, it didn’t end up there. Things continued to escalate on both ends, with the final responses being:





Looking back at their Twitter timeline, it turns out to be, this wasn’t the first time they went on to have some “fun”:









Deadmau5 Vs. Madonna


For the first time ever, we saw the “mature” side of the 34 year old progressive-house producer, when he indulged into a Twitter conversation with the iconic Madonna!
During a surprise appearance at the Ultra Music Festival, Miami 2012, the singer showed up during Avicii’s live-set, premièring some of their collaborative works. Absolutely, this wasn’t the reason why Deadmau5 went hard on Madonna. It was when she asked the party-goers “How many people in this crowd have seen Molly?” that sparked the fire.
In an 800-word rant posted to Dead’s Tumblr page as well as his Facebook profile, he called her “f—king IDIOT” and questioned, “That’s your big message to ultra attendies? hipsterspeak for looking for drugs? F–k off.”
Madonna isn’t particularly known for her ‘happening’ Twitter presence. She signed under the handle, @MadonnaMDNAday to interact with her fans during a special session and Deadmau5 was among those who joined the discussion and went on to say:


In response, Madonna, 56 tweeted back from her @MadonnaMDNAday, a 1989 image of herself wearing Minnie Mouse ears with a new thought bubble that read:


Deadmau5 seemingly accepted the olive branch, responding:


Madonna, too:


And that was that.





Deadmau5 Vs. Paris Hilton

Aaah! P-A-R-I-S H-I-L-T-O-N, the ‘Best New Female DJ of 2014’




Mau5 took a stab at the Hilton heiress on Twitter with:



The Nyamborghini owner bashed at her once again, when she excitedly tweeted about her “Foam & Diamonds” Amnesia residency in Ibiza.





Rather than getting involved an e-war, she took the high road instead and wrote:



Deadmau5 Vs. Red Foo


Former X Factor judge, and Party Rocker, Redfoo released his track ‘Literally I Can’t’ featuring Lil Jon alongside its video that was panned as the worst song of the year. It came under scrutiny ‘cause of its context of using alcohol to coerce a group of girls into loosening up and shouting at them to “shut the fuck up” when they protest.
Channel 7 forcibly had to fire one half of ‘LMFAO,’ even after the video came with a disclaimer: “The following is a satirical video… This content is in no way to be interpreted as misogynistic or negative towards any groups of people. It is an art piece and it shall be taken as such.”
That’s when Red turned to Twitter expressing his frustration:


And the ‘Raise your weapon’ act entered:






To which Foo came up with this smart reply:


Acknowledged by a genuine question and responded by a genuine answer:




The argument went on for TOO long, so much that we can’t include all their Tweets!
Anyway, it ended when Dead, blocked Red Foo on Twitter!


Deadmau5 Vs. Tiesto



Deadmau5 was brought as replacement to close out the main stage at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival, 2014 as the prior appointed performer, Avicii, was hospitalized a night before. No-f-body predicted the set Joel pulled off at the last minute! Special mentions being; McMaNGOS Funnymals version of ‘Animals’ and the mash-up of his ‘Ghost N Stuff’ and Avicii’s signature ‘Levels’.


While the audience danced with an ear-to-ear smile, Tiesto didn’t look too impressed with his gestures and out of the blue, reached out to him appreciating his work:


With a pinch of salt:


(Looks like, Tiesto deleted some of his Tweets)

Albeit, it triggered the Troll gene in the former owner of ‘Purrari’ and caused the following rain of Tweets:









The spat settled as the username ‘@deadmau5’ entered Tiesto’s Twitter blocklist.



Avicii Vs. Deadmau5


Recently only, Avicii took to his Instagram to disparage Deadmau5’s relationship with dance music community and his talent, setting him up for a collection of quintessential aggressive tweets. We agree, the boss at ‘mau5trap’ is commonly known as the ‘EDM Troll Dad’ around the cyber space, but to mock his musical ability and creativity is an entirely different thing.




In his description, this is what Tim had to say:

Hey Mau5! I get your frustration, I struggle daily in an attempt to push the envelope musically and strive with my team to bring more innovative and creative elements to everything I’m doing, both in the studio and for live stuff… Id welcome your technical input and Id gladly help you learn the piano and all the melodic musical stuff… Come over to Ibiza and join me, Id love for you to sample some of my creative juices… Its tasty stuff… Really.. Stop all the hate brother.. If you need a friend, Im here for you!! PS: You know whats more annoying than “EDM”? People moaning about EDM.


Deadmau5 eventually came across the insulting post and replied:






*brings popcorn*


*orders pizza*



And just like the way the high profile Twitter war started, it ended the same way, randomly!
After these chronologically mentioned Tweets, Avicii talked things out directly with deadmau5 on phone and Joel had to say this:


All this, while setting aim at his new innocent:





Deadmau5 Vs. Armin Van Buuren

In a Legend Vs. Legend round, the Toronto based DJ, met his match, in the form of Armin Van Buuren!
The artist went on a bit of a tear and accusing British act Binary Finary of killing trance in the late ’90s:


From no-where Armin’s ASOT was dragged into the scene:



What do you think, Van Buuren carried his calm and ignored the e-troll or went to shut him up? Well;



We’re not sure what “backing out” refers to here. Maybe it was an abandoned collaboration?
Whatever it was, the artist prepared himself to launch into the Twitt-o-warzone after many of users criticised him.







As a result of the outburst;







Towards the climax, he made peace with the World’s “Best DJ” (officially) or maybe not:




Deadmau5 Vs. Honey Singh

The infamous producer-DJ doesn’t need to pull off publicity stunts to gain popularity; he’s natural at causing burn to people he doesn’t like! Ostensibly, ‘Apka Apna Honey Singh’ is one of them:


Technically, this wasn’t a “war” sort-a thing as we didn’t see any Tweets from Yo Yo Honey Singh with respect to the shots fired by the EDM-troll who visited India in 2014.
Be that as it may, all this led to an epic moment when Daler Paaji joined his “fan” at a massive Sunburn gig in Delhi! Wait.. how did this happen anyway? Take a look:






In our opinion, Deadmau5 without any campaigning makes it to the ‘Top 100 DJs’ because of his sense of humour and off the stage entertainment he provides us with!
If his music is a 10/10, his Twitter account is 11/10!
Know of any other Deadmau5 Twitter wars?
Let us know in the comments section!

Sidhantha Jain

I love EDM, it loves me back. It pays for my food bills.


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