Comparison of the costs of World's Biggest Music Festivals

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Everyone wants to go to the best music festivals ever, no doubt about that. But do you know that going to music festivals actually burns a big hole in your pocket?
Ranging from the most expensive to the cheapest, here are the costs of different music festivals around the world.


For three consecutive times in a row, Coachella Music Festival stands as the most expensive music festival ever.


For the scenic view and the mental music it experiences, it is worth spending the amount, but do you have so much? Coachella is priced at 187 pounds for your tickets, food and stay!


If your answer is no, don’t worry there are other music festivals which can fit in your budget. Up second, after Coachella, is the world famous Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland which happens in Belgium is priced as the second most expensive music festival around the world. But the advantages of Tomorrowland are the camping facilities and the ambience you get to experience. The festival drives you through the magical land of EDM. Tomorrowland is priced almost close to Coachella price, placed at 186 pounds.


The third in the list is the Glastonbury Music Festival, England.





Glastonbury is priced at 113 pounds which includes your food, stay and other petty expenses. Glastonbury music festival is a five day festival which not only features EDM, but also includes dance, theatre, circus, comedy and other additional entertainment.


The fourth one is Rock am Ring, Germany.



Rock am Ring unlike the other 3, is a rock and metal festival that takes place in Nürburgring racetrack in Nürburg, Germany. A three day event that started off 1985 was planned as a onetime festival, but the success rate it produced was magnanimously high as a result of which the organizers decided to carry it through decades and is still a big hit every year!


Several other music festivals are priced at around 80 pounds such as Sonar in Spain, Sziget Festival in Budapest, and Exit in Siberia.



Well that was about the festivals happening outside India. Now what about the ones in the country?


India is one of the countries which has seen an exponential growth in the number of EDM fans over the past years. People have inclined towards the high octane music exploring through various genres such as Electro, House, and Dance etc.



India’s biggest festival, Sunburn, is priced at around INR 10,000 for a 3 day event which usually happens during the last week of December. Sunburn happens on the beaches of Goa, the perfect destination for music, dance, and utter enjoyment along with relaxation.

Along with Sunburn music festival, India saw the rise of a new festival, VH1 Supersonic.



Supersonic like Sunburn happens in the sands of Goa during the same period. VH1 Supersonic is also closely priced the same as Sunburn, around 8000-9000 rupees which includes the tickets for three days. VH1 Supersonic 2014 saw the likes of Dash Berlin, Above and Beyond, Paul Van Dyk, VINAI and many other popular artists.


So there you go, ranging from international music festivals to the ones in the nation, you have a list of the most expensive ones and the cheapest ones. Now it’s your time to choose and decide which one to rave at based on nothing but your budget because trust me on this, every music festival listed is unique in its own way and it simply mind-blazingly awesome! You will experience one hell of a time in any of these music festivals. Start planning and go rave!



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