Till date, most people associate EDM with ONLY festival sounds and a rave-centric culture. However, this isn’t absolutely true and trust me when I say, meditating with dance music is also possible.

Firstly, let me establish the fact that relaxation isn’t the sole motive why one meditates; cultivation of insight is equally important.  As per scientific discoveries, listening to music can help heal your mind. A majority of the population believe in order to attain a state of spirituality, you need only divine music at your disposal. If that’s the case, nothing other than Buddist chants might work for you!

I’m not trying to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments but if a specific genre helps to make peace with yourself, then go ahead, blast Hardwell’s latest big-room banger or an underground techno set. It all boils down to what your mind and body want, not what anyone else is suggesting. On the same lines, the following playlist is my solution for everything from my Monday blues to Sunday bad trips and guess what, it’s not just typical dance music, it’s easy listening!